Yahoo News Explains: Is North Korea breaking the missile agreement with Trump?

Kayla Jardine
Associate Producer

North Korea is reportedly continuing to develop its ballistic missile program.

“We’re very happy with how it’s going with North Korea. We think it’s going fine. We’re in no rush,” said President Trump.

Satellite images appear to show numerous hidden bases in the country.  But the president reassured Americans on Twitter.

Following a summit with the U.S., North Korean leader Kim Jong Un agreed to dismantle his country’s main nuclear site. While the site was being dismantled, that work has since been halted.

North Korea reportedly continues to make improvements to more than a dozen other sites that could launch conventional and nuclear missiles.

American intelligence officials say that North Korea is producing nuclear material and new nuclear weapons.

The U.S. has always had a tumultuous relationship with North Korea, and it was only exacerbated by the invention of nuclear technology.

In 2002, then-President George Bush included the country in the “axis of evil,” along with Iran and Iraq.

“North Korea is a regime arming with missiles and weapons of mass destruction while starving its citizens,” said Bush.

Since then, many presidents have tried to forge relationships with North Korea.

While Trump’s meeting with the country seemed like a step in the right direction, it now appears the regime was never really in step with the U.S.