Yahoo Sports' Launch Pad - Biggest Padres blasts from the statcast era

Yahoo Sports compiles the three longest and most impressive home runs for the San Diego Padres since 2015.

Video Transcript


- It did. My favorite player.

- Fly ball center field, struck well. Deep [INAUDIBLE], and that ball is gone off the batter's eye. Way up there for Fanmil Reyes, his seventh home run of the year. And the Padres back on top by 4 again.

- [LAUGHS] This ball nearly goes up above the batter's eye, into the bleachers, below the auxiliary scoreboard as he gets extended. You know what, he didn't even get all of that. That was out front a little bit. But he's so big and strong, this one is on the way to Evanston.

- High drive. Deep left centerfield for Franmil Reyes. That ball is very gone, brush to left center. Home run number six for Franmil Reyes, and the Padres are on the board in the ninth inning. Cleared the bullpens out there in left center.

- --confidence. He's got it, that's for sure. Here's a fly ball out towards deep right center field off the bat of Cordero. That ball is back, and it is gone. A home run.

- I got your humidor.

- Franchy Cordero, his third home run of the year. He'll touch them all. The Padres take a 1-0 lead. That was a blast to the right on the scoreboard. Watch the trajectory of the ball off this bat of Franchy Cordero.

- Wow.

- Wow.