Yahoo Sports' Launch Pad - Ryan McMahon smashes one a mile!

Yahoo Sports recaps the deepest and most impressive home runs for the Week of May 10th utilizing statcast data

Video Transcript


- And a drive. And this one is a long gone, folks. Vlady Guerrero, for the first time in his career, has homered in three straight games.

And I love those no doubt about it home runs where he just swings, and it's just like, how far is it gonna go? When is it gonna come down? He hit a couple of home runs in this series to right field. This time, he gets all of it to left field for home run number 11.

- He's used that as he has through a couple innings to his advantage. But not now. There is one high and deep and out of here. A blast by Zunino, and the Rays are on the board.

- I'll tell you, this is what he's been doing too. He has been mashing mistakes for power. And there it is again. I'm gonna tell you something, that ball was an absolute rocket out of here.

- This ball drilled high to deep right center. Take a good look. You won't see it for long.

- What would you ask for that ball?

- I don't know, man. But they're gonna show a double feature on that flight. That thing was a monstrosity of a blast.

- A little slider spinner up there that backed up. And that backed up to the barrel of Mac. You think that fan that was in the second deck in the second row above the Rockies bullpen thought he was gonna get a home run tonight?

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