Yahoo Sports' Top NBA Prospects: Cole Anthony

Yahoo Sports' Krysten Peek breaks down the top NBA prospects.

Video Transcript

KRYSTEN PEEK: Point guard Cole Anthony has been around basketball his entire life being the son of NBA vet, Greg Anthony. Cole had a disappointing year at North Carolina, where the team finished with a losing season for the first time in the Roy Williams era. He also had a knee injury in December and was sidelined for six weeks. But, to everyone's surprise, he decided to return and close out the season.

Anthony averaged 18.5 points and four assists per game. He's a bully guard who loves to go downhill and either finish at the rim or dish it to teammates. His 3-point shot has improved since high school, and he is a true competitor. Anthony is a high volume shooter who needs to work on his shot selection. And he's not the biggest guard in this draft class with his 6' 3" frame.

His game is very similar to Knicks guard, Dennis Smith Jr. They are both explosive guards who love to get to the basket and can deliver flashy dunks and transitions. In such a top heavy draft class, Anthony could go anywhere from number five to number 18 depending on the draft order and team needs.