Yamiche Alcindor Worries Trump ‘Traumatized’ European Leaders, Asks Biden Adviser How to Heal Those ‘Scars’

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Yamiche Alcindor continues to use her taxpayer-funded perch at PBS NewsHour to hold the long-departed Trump administration to account, asking Biden adviser Jake Sullivan how the White House plans to address the “scars” that former president Trump inflicted on his European counterparts during his time in office.

During a press conference with National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan on Monday, Alcindor inquired about “how President Biden plans to convince especially our European allies that former President Trump was an anomaly in some ways, all of the things that he did to in some ways traumatize those leaders —calling into question the need for NATO?”

“What’s the plan there and is there concern that those scars are gonna be deeper than his ability to address them?” Alcindor finished.

Sullivan responded professionally if predictably, touting Biden’s ability to lead and deliver while avoiding any mention of his predecessor. “Actions speak louder than words” he told Alcindor.

The question comes four and a half months into Biden’s presidency, and without any further description of the scars that Boris Johnson, Emmanuel Macron, Angela Merkel or any other European leaders have to show for the Trump years, or the ongoing effects of the accompanying trauma.

For his part, Biden has no doubt pleased Merkel since taking office by waiving sanctions associated with the Nord Steam 2 pipeline favored by Merkel and Russia’s Vladimir Putin. It’s less clear how decisions like that one will impact the rest of the continent’s view of Euro-American relations and Biden’s leadership.

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