Yankees vote to remain in Tampa as a team

The New York Yankees will stay together as a team in Tampa, Fla., to prepare for the 2020 season.

The players were presented with three options -- return to their homes, return to New York or stay at their spring training site in Tampa -- and voted unanimously to remain in Florida, team player rep Zack Britton said, per the New York Post.

Major League Baseball on Thursday canceled the rest of spring training and delayed the opening of the 2020 season for at least two weeks because of the coronavirus pandemic.

"They gave us the option of what we wanted to do. We decided as a team we wanted to stay here and continue working out and getting ready for whenever the season is," Britton said. "It was unanimous. Everyone wants to stay here and get ready to go for when the season starts back."

Despite the MLB shutdown, the team is serious about its championship potential, Britton said, per the Post.

"Guys are here to win. Guys are here to win a World Series. Whether or not we have a chance at it this year guys want to be ready for when that opportunity comes," the left-hander said. "I was happy to know we are all pulling in the same direction. We have a great clubhouse and guys want to stick it out here. They could have easily decided to go home and be with their families and they decided we want to stick together."

Owner Hal Steinbrenner said the team will have access to the training facility, Britton said, adding MLB and the players association are working together to create guidelines for the teams and players.

"I would say that on a daily basis moving forward, as we just recently experienced, things will continue to change and evolve and we will adjust accordingly," general manager Brian Cashman said on a conference call. "As we move forward, our facility will be available and we shall provide support for players that choose to be here with informal abilities to allow them to get some work in at various times during the day."

The facility has been cleaned repeatedly, and doctors are on site, Britton said.

"I don't think anybody feels scared of us getting the coronavirus and if we do, we will combat it," he said.

--Field Level Media