Yankees weirdly throw gum on field in bizarre contest during Athletics game

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Yankees' dugout plays weird game by throwing gum on field vs. A's originally appeared on NBC Sports Bayarea

In less than an inning, the New York Yankees appeared to be bored.

Hosting the Athletics for a three-game set at Yankee Stadium, New York's dugout was seen playing what appeared to be a game with ... chewed-up gum.

Take a look for yourself ...

Yankees players appeared as if they were tossing their used gum at a sprinkler head in the grass. Why? That's a fantastic question.

It's hard not to feel bad for the poor grounds crew worker who will have to pick all that up at some point. Or even a player who tracks a fly ball into foul territory.

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While the Yankees are focused on who amongst them is the best thrower of gum, the A's are focused on winning a game against the best team in baseball. Or maybe this is why the Yankees are the best team in baseball? I don't know anymore.