Yankees bats break out, salvage series finale vs Rays

The Yankees avoided being swept by the Rays, scoring 4 runs in the 10th and taking the series finale, 8-4. Manager Aaron Boone: 'Thought it was a really good job coming out here, turning the page and playing winning baseball'. Boone and Aaron Judge credited Gio Urshela for leading the way, going 4-for-5 and hitting his first homer of the year.

Video Transcript

AARON BOONE: I just really love the compete today with the guys, you know? I thought, you know, even though we hadn't gotten that big hit or, you know, that back breaker to break a game open, I thought we were in the fight up and down the order all game long. And then, you know, just a great at bat by Roughned there to keep battling to fight one off, and then to add some important add-on runs, you know, when obviously we're depleted in the bullpen today. Just a really good finishing at bats and winning at bats there at the end. So great job by the guys.

AARON JUDGE: It was a rough series all around. Really haven't been able to get anything going really offensively. You know, kind of missing that big hit. But today, you know, we had Gio Urshella kind of lead us, you know, just from the first, his first at bat on. You know, we needed a big hit. He hit that homer, and then late adding a couple more runs for us. So it was-- it's always nice ending the series with a win. You know, I wish we would have won the series, but it's good to, you know, on get away day to get the win.

GIO URSHELLA: Feeling like more comfortable on the plate. And I had a good day today. So it's getting like really, really close.

AARON BOONE: Feel like he's been coming the last couple of days, actually. He's-- you know, you look at his at bats, a lot more hard contact. He's obviously throwing some hits out there. You know, last game in New York, you know, he smoked a couple of balls.

And then even yesterday, you know, he actually had a runner in scoring position and Aroldis made a great play up the middle. He barrelled up another ball to short. So I feel like he's been kind of getting close the last few days. Then obviously breaks through in a big way. That was a bomb to center.

AARON JUDGE: This team showed a lot of heart, you know, especially this series. You know, we were, you know, some guys weren't feeling well. Some guys maybe didn't have it at the plate or didn't have it on the mound. But you know, we kept grinding and kept fighting and were able to plot a win here, you know, the last one. And you know, we'll take that onto Toronto.

AARON BOONE: Obviously, you never want to get swept. And you know-- you know, it's so important and, you know, I talked to you guys all the time, you know, you got to be able to turn the page in this-- in this game. And you know, you're going to take your lumps every now and then, even when you're a really good club.

And you know, so obviously, a tough couple of first games here. I thought it was a really good job of turning the page and coming out and, you know, playing some winning baseball here today.