New Year's Eve sex assaults also reported in Zurich: police

A woman holds a sign during a demonstration in the German city of Cologne on January 5, 2016 (AFP Photo/Oliver Berg)

Geneva (AFP) - Several women were allegedly robbed and sexually assaulted in Zurich on New Year's Eve, Swiss police said Thursday, saying the attack method appeared "a little bit similar" to that used in a spate of assaults in Germany.

Six women reported being surrounded by "several dark-skinned men", who had robbed, groped and molested them, police said, adding that this was an unusually high number for Switzerland.

The statement mentioned the shocking rash of sexual assaults in several Germany cities also on New Year's Eve.

"It's a little bit similar," Zurich police spokesman Marco Cortesi told AFP, stressing though that the scale of the alleged attacks was "difficult to compare."

More than 120 criminal complaints have been filed in Cologne alone about robbery and sexual abuse, including two reported rapes by perpetrators who allegedly staged orchestrated attacks on revellers in the crowds.