Yee Wong’s Forever Bloom: A Mental Health Journey

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Yee Wong has created a piece that sums up all of our experiences of 2020, framing it in a positive message while also highlighting the important social issue of mental health. Named an artist to watch this year, this world-renowned talented artist has once again created another stunning artwork that wows us. Her works have been seen on different media internationally from the social media of contemporary art museum like Saatchi Gallery in London to the Art Voices Magazine cover in New York. Her new art series, Forever Bloom is Yee’s public call for mental health awareness in our chaotic times as well as a tribute to all the great artists who have suffered mental illness throughout the history from post-impressionist Vincent van Gogh to 21st-century pop artist Yayoi Kusama.

While COVID-19 itself is a health crisis, the lockdowns to stem the tide of cases are mental health crises in themselves. Countless millions lost the day-to-day activities that keep their minds and bodies active. The stress of the headlines and the worries for our loved ones bore down on our happiness.

In Forever Bloom, Yee has created a series of images that describe the pathway out. She shines a spotlight on the importance of working in little, consistent ways to escape the dark clouds of stress and negative thoughts and one day finding ourselves in full bloom.

Over the course of three images, a bouquet of flowers emerges from under a silver material. Each photograph depicts a step in the process of personal liberation in a striking visual metaphor meant to awaken people to the importance of working on mental health. The resulting series is timely, powerful, and important.

For Yee, the work has another side too, as countless members of the art community have succumbed to poor mental health, including some of the best known names in the field. From Goya to Vincent van Gogh, artists often struggle to keep happy and healthy. Even in the best of times, the most sensitive souls among us can have problems managing their mental health.

With this series, Yee’s work is calling attention to the universal pathway from darkness to happiness.

The key points her work suggests is to find ways to escape from darkness. For example,

– Meditation

– Regular exercise

– Healthy diet

– Social life and a support network

Yee’s stunning artwork, Forever Bloom shows us the mental health journey and encourages us to keep our mental health strong during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

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