Yee Wong: Redefine the Sense of Beauty

Yee Wong’s new art series, Forever Bloom – Rotten Beauty is finally out. Yee Wong is a talented contemporary artist based in New York. Her works have been seen on different media internationally from the social media of contemporary art museum like Saatchi Gallery in London to the Art Voices Magazine cover in New York. Rotten Beauty is an experimental art piece that represents how you can see the light in our world. We have been facing a number of rotten situations in our society as a result of worldwide conditions, our international health crisis and more. What Yee Wong has done in this piece is symbolise the natural beauty of our world and demonstrate that with the right eye for it, you can see beauty in the everyday.

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Unwanted objects, just like unwanted or negative energy in our life can be refocused and turned into a true masterpiece or work of art. The beauty in these unwanted objects has been harnessed and Yee Wong was able to give them new life.

This piece is priceless in the sense that it can give us perspective on our own lives. We see the beauty in our world differently than others and with a bit of creativity, we can all draw the truth of beauty out of things in our lives.

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Yee Wong has used an incredible technique and attention to detail to show her beautiful reality with everyone. This piece redefines the beauty in the object and shows us that even though this was originally unwanted, it is now something to be treasured in an everlasting sense.

Throughout a beautiful color palate this is an object that has turned into a masterpiece even though it was originally considered to be trash. Rotten beauty started as an experimental piece to showcase the beauty in our world that others would discard, but it is also a piece that helps us all develop perspective on our values and the majestic qualities in the things that are all around us.

By combining together an iridescent board from a previous art piece and her found flowers, we have a timeless piece in Forever Bloom.