Yellow Tier: Marin County on the brink of entering the least restrictive Yellow Tier

Marin County on the brink of entering the least restrictive Yellow Tier

Video Transcript

- Road to recovery. Most of the Bay Area is in the orange tier, but that could change this week. KPIX 5's Betty Yu is in Mill Valley where Marin County may soon be easing more restrictions with a possible move into the yellow tier.

BETTY YU: After being in the orange tier for about a month, Marin is poised to enter the yellow tier this week, which means downtown Mill Valley could get even busier very soon.

Bungalow 44 in downtown Mill Valley is ready to embrace the least restrictive yellow tier, should it be announced on Tuesday.

- People are very excited. The last three weekends, we've been extremely busy, just from 5 o'clock till close.

BETTY YU: If Marin's numbers continue to improve, it would be the first Bay Area county to reach the yellow tier, which means the risk is minimal. Bars would be allowed to open indoors at 25% capacity. Breweries, movie theaters, places of worship, and gyms can operate at 50% capacity. And indoor dining would stay at 50% capacity.

JENNIFER HUGO: I am ecstatic to hear that. This is the first time we've gone out to dinner since our daughter was born. She's three months old. And I think it was one of the best nights we've had.

BETTY YU: At this time, nearly half of the residents in Marin have been fully vaccinated. 73% have received at least one shot. Under the yellow tier, outdoor gatherings would be capped at 100 people. Indoor gatherings are still strongly discouraged, but would max out at 50 people.

JENNIFER HUGO: I, for one, would like to get back to the gym. Be a pretty good thing.

ERIC AGUILAR: I'd like to go to an office. Working from home has been great, but also difficult with kids running around.

BETTY YU: San Francisco is the only county to ever reach the yellow tier. The city missed its chance to return to it, earlier this month, by the slimmest of margins. In Mill Valley, Betty Yu, KPIX 5.