‘Yellowstone’ stars meet and greet fans at second to last day of Fort Worth Stock Show

Leslie Payne gathered up her kiddos and stood in line for over five hours on Friday, waiting to see a pair of “Yellowstone” cast members at the Fort Wort Stock Show and Rodeo.

“Yellowstone” creator Taylor Sheridan and actor Cole Hauser, who plays Rip Wheeler on the show, were signing autographs from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. at the stock show on Friday. And fans were eager and excited to see the pair.

Payne is a huge fan of the show and said although she was there to see Hauser, her favorite character on the show is his TV wife “Beth Dutton,” played by Kelly Reilly.

“Rip is a close second,” she said.

The Sheridan and Hauser autograph session took place at the 6666 Ranch booth near the south end of Aisle 700 in the Amon G. Carter Jr. Exhibits Hall. The pair was just steps away from a “Yellowstone” clothing booth that has sold licensed merchandise since the start of the stock show on Jan. 13.

Fans came out of the woodwork to catch a glimpse at the two “Yellowstone” alums, including Laura Smyer and Ruth Angle.

The two women got a pair of hats autographed for their husbands, but Smyer and Angle said they got the better part of the deal. Smyer was excited to see Sheridan, while Angle was all in for Hauser.

“I wanted to climb over the table [for Hauser], but there were cops there,” Angle said with a chuckle.

Hauser’s tough cowboy Rip Wheeler has been a fan-favorite over the five season “Yellowstone” run. And many fans showed up in droves to see the actor, just ask Caprice Bohr.

“He’s so hot,” Bohr said laughing.

Getting in line around 2:25 p.m., Bohr said meeting Hauser was worth every minute. Bohr was able to get a photograph and autograph from Hauser, much to her delight.

Even though Bohr wore a white shirt with a “Beth Dutton” quote on the front, she was more than happy seeing her TV husband.

While many were there to see Sheridan and Hauser, Billie Foster was just excited to celebrate the show.

Foster is a colossal fan of all things “Yellowstone,” watching the flagship show and its subsequent spin-off shows — “1883” and “1923”. Getting to celebrate the western series and meeting the man who created it was Foster’s highlight of the stock show.

“They were real excited and real personable,” Foster said. “ They were just normal people.”

“Yellowstone” season 5 premiered in November and is currently on a mid-season break until sometime this summer. The season-5 premiere was held in Fort Worth, with Sheridan and several cast members in tow.