Yellowstone takes TV reporter’s freak-out over bison and turns it into a safety poster

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A Montana television reporter walked off camera as a herd of bison walked toward him at Yellowstone National Park. Now the National Park Service is using his reaction as a safety message.

Deion Broxton shared a video earlier this week of him walking away from the bison while in front of the Yellowstone sign and gateway.

“Oh my god,” he says in the video. “Oh no, I’m ain’t messin’ with you. Oh no.”

While you can’t see the bison in the original shot, Broxton shared a video he got of the imposing animals once he was a safe distance away.

“There was a herd of bison walking right toward me at Yellowstone today!” he said when he shared the video.

Thousands of people shared and liked the video, but the National Park Service took a special interest in his message.

“A perfect example of what to do when approached by wildlife!” the Twitter account for the park said. “Thanks Deion for putting the #YellowstonePledge into action!”

Later in the week, the National Park Service made a poster that showed Broxton’s words with the illustration of a bison.

“National parks offer a unique experience for watching wildlife,” the agency said when they shared the poster. “Just remember to keep your distance.”

Bison can weigh up to 2,200 pounds and stand 6 feet 6 inches tall , according to the park service. They can also run up to 40 miles per hour and jump up to 6 feet.

“Park animals are wild and dangerous,” Yellowstone said. “Bison, bears, and elk have injured and killed people.”