Yemeni coffee traders hope to promote product globally

STORY: Coffee traders in Yemen are trying to

revive the reputation of their coffee

and rebuild its potential as

a valuable export product

Locator: Sanaa, Yemen

Yemen has been home to some of

the world’s best coffee beans for centuries

But the industry has been negatively

impacted by years of war

(Rasheed Shaja'a, Local coffee shop owner)

”As part of the efforts to revive the heritage and culture of Yemeni coffee and link it to international standards, many specialty coffee shops and stores were opened to offer high-quality Yemeni coffee with international standards. This led to people experimenting with many methods of making coffee, both at home and at these places.”

One expert believes these shops can

restore the country’s coffee culture

(Baker al-Nusairi, Director, Yemeni National Coffee Auction)

“In the last period, the culture of drinking coffee has disappeared in Yemen, and people have turned to drinking tea. The existence of such coffee shops has many positive points because it restores the culture of coffee as a social drink.”