Yep, Bunny Succulents Are A Thing, And You’ll Want To Cover Your Home In Them

Taylor Mead
Photo credit: Etsy/The World Of Seeds

From Women's Health

Searching for some cool plants this morning, as one does, I began admiring dolphin succulents before stumbling upon the universe’s latest gift: bunny (or rabbit) succulents.

Similar to how its dolphin counterparts got the name, rabbit succulents (or Monilaria obconica, as Martha Stewart shares) look exactly like little green bunnies popping out of their burrows. It can really only be described as the cutest plant you’ll ever see. Look! Even its “ears” are fuzzy.

Unfortunately, unlike the dolphin succulents, which remain looking like miniature sea mammals as they grow, the succulent bunnies’ “ears” grow longer and longer while their “heads” remain relatively the same size. Because of this, over time, they slowly begin to look less like the adorable baby bunnies they once were.

As with anything, though, if you look closely enough and believe a little (okay, lie to yourself a little), they really could look like cartoon rabbits with really long ears and teeny heads.

If you’re less into bunnies as succulents and more about bunnies and succulents, there’s still a way to make rabbit succulents happen in your life. This adorable Bunny Garden Pot from Anthropologie, for instance, is always an option.

Need I mention that both the rabbit succulents and the Anthro bunny pot are on sale now? You better hop to it.

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