YK Osiris Shares Alarming Message About No Longer Wanting To Live: 'I Don't Got No Friends'

YK Osiris revealed in a saddening Instagram Live while driving in LA that he was having suicidal thoughts and issues with his family and career n Sunday. He also claimed to be disconnected from his old friends Drake and Lil Baby.

During his prolonged rant session, YK Osiris told viewers not to bring them up regarding where he is in life because the two haven’t been seen with him for quite some time.

“Everybody hates Osiris!” he said in his livestream. “You can’t use Drake with me, you can’t use Lil Baby, ’cause they don’t fuck with me no more,” he says. “So please don’t use that. You haven’t seen me around Drake in a minute or Lil Baby. Long time. So lets get that out the door. Please don’t use that no more.”

Sadly, he acknowledged how people in his life view him and how social media may turn his death into a comedy show referencing his alleged debts to Drake and Lil Baby, XXL reports.

“I wanna die,” he said bluntly to the camera. “I wanna kill myself. I wanna just leave this Earth. But something telling me…I don’t know,” he added. “I can’t even see my kids. People look at me as a clown. I’m a talented person. But that doesn’t matter because I don’t drop my music. I don’t do shit. I haven’t even performed in fucking two years, nigga. I get why they don’t fuck with me. But, I don’t know.”

“If I killed myself right now, if I go right now, how would y’all feel? Nobody ain’t gon’ give a fuck,” he continued. “I’ma tell you what people gon’ say if I die right now…If I killed myself right now, they gon’ say, ‘Good, he don’t have to pay no more debts no more.’ They gone make gimmicks. ‘I don’t have to pay Drake anymore,’ they gon’ say that bullshit. ‘I don’t have to pay Lil Baby no more,’ they gon’ say that bullshit…They gon’ say the dumbest shit ever, the funniest shit ever.”

Adding some light to a raw moment, YK Osiris stopped by a corner and proceeded to give away $500 a piece to three kids. He also gave away another $500 to a woman witnessing the kind action with the three boys and asked him for money.

The video continues to touch viewers as the only thing YK asked of the recipients is for their prayers as he continues to figure things out in life and his career.

“I just want to be happy. That’s all I wanna do is be happy,” he said after giving away the money. “My baby mama always tells me, ‘Osiris, nobody fuck with you.’ I always tell her, ‘Ah, I don’t believe you.’ And nobody really don’t fuck with me.”

“She be telling me, ‘Osiris, nobody fuck with you. Stop doing music, bruh. Your shit wack.’ Now, I believe her. She’s definitely right,” he added.

YK Osiris‘s debut album Golden Child was released in 2019, earning two platinum singles off of the project.

Everyone please say a prayer for the def jam artist as he is publicly asking for help.