Yonkers Father Killed While Defending Store From Alleged Thief

Police are searching for a suspect accused in the murder of a Yonkers store owner; CBS2's Tony Aiello reports.

Video Transcript

KRISTINE JOHNSON: Police right now are searching for the suspect who murdered a store owner in Yonkers. Welcome back. I'm Kristine Johnson.

DICK BRENNAN: And I'm Dick Brennan. We can tell you an immigrant family is grieving after their patriarch was stabbed to death.

KRISTINE JOHNSON: It happened as the father of four was defending his store. CBS2's Tony Aiello reports now from Yonkers.

TONY AIELLO: Stricken by grief, family and friends of Ruben Martinez are turning to their faith, putting a shrine in a corner of the clothing store he spent years building to support his family.

ALEX RAMIREZ: I think it's really unfair, like, how you work for your business to have something in life, and then somebody just randomly come and take your life away, trying to take, basically, what you worked for.

TONY AIELLO: Alex Ramirez saw the aftermath of yesterday's crime. Yonkers police say it started on New Main Street when a young man got into an altercation with a cab driver. The suspect then entered Premier Fashion and allegedly stole a ball cap. This surveillance video shows him putting the cap on his head and then returning to the store. Witnesses saw an altercation as Martinez grabbed a large stick and demanded the thief return the hat.

ELIZABETH PINA: The owner of the store was running up to the young guy with a stick, and the young guy came at him, stabbing him, and then he ran off.

And he was defending his store. That was his reaction-- I'm defending my own.

TONY AIELLO: Police say Martinez died from multiple stab wounds, and his wife witnessed the attack. They had four children, including Christopher, his father's business partner, too upset to speak on camera. The boutique had just moved up the street to larger, nicer space one month ago, Martinez looking forward to greater post-pandemic success.

Yonkers police spent the day on New Main Street looking for a surveillance video to help track and locate the suspect. The family has posted a GoFundMe campaign asking for help with funeral expenses. In Yonkers, Tony Aiello, "CBS2 News."

KRISTINE JOHNSON: And if you would like to donate, we do have a link to that GoFundMe page on our website, CBSNewYork.com. Click on "Links and Numbers."