New York to allow limited performances

New York has announced that a limited performing arts campaign will begin across the state as part of the process of bringing back live entertainment during the pandemic. (Feb. 8)

Video Transcript

GOVERNOR ANDREW CUOMO: The arts industry workers-- many of them have been out of work since March. So we're going to accelerate that reopening with 300 plus pop-up arts events all across the state. 300 events in 100 days of pop-up performances. They are not designed to be prescheduled and draw a crowd because we actually don't want the crowd.

It's being driven by artists themselves who are organizing the community and organizing the events, and they've already put together a list of really great performers, who-- many of whom have been idle for months and they want to be part of restoring the arts. They want to be part of restoring New York. PopsUp will start with these pop-up performances and then migrate to the reopening of venues for arts.

You have venues like The Shed, The Apollo, Harlem Stage, Alice Butch Opera Theater that we can start to reopen with testing. So we'll start with the pop-ups, we'll then move towards reopening venues with testing on a limited basis.