New York City hotels beat Airbnbs in report on accommodations in US

Depending on your travel destination, you might be better off booking a hotel over an Airbnb, according to one report.

Airbnb has long been used as the default lodging for travelers looking for affordable accommodations. But new findings show that depending on your travel destination, you may be better off booking a traditional hotel.

If you're headed to New York, for example, digital business publication recommends booking a hotel room over Airbnb to get more bang for your buck.

Because while Airbnb listings are about seven percent cheaper than New York hotel rooms, they're also likely to be much smaller and cramped compared to a hotel room given the notoriously small size of condos and apartments in the Big Apple, report authors say.

Given the sheer number of hotels -- New York has the highest number of hotels in the US -- guests have no shortage of choice.

Similarly, the sky-high cost of housing in San Francisco also translates to higher Airbnb rates, making hotel rooms the more favorable choice, points out the report.

On the other hand, in Anaheim, where housing costs are relatively low, guests are better off booking with Airbnb.

For the report, editors looked at hotels versus Airbnb listings in 15 of the most visited cities in the US, and looked at factors like price, amenities, availability, location and regulatory environment.

Here's a look at the best cities for hotels, vs Airbnb:

Best for hotels:
New York City
Los Angeles
Las Vegas
San Diego
San Francisco

Best for Airbnbs
San Antonio
St. Louis
Miami Beach