New York City Unveils New Evacuation Zones For Hurricane Season

The changes impact a million New Yorkers.

Video Transcript

- Today marks the start of the Atlantic hurricane season, and New York City has changed its evacuation zones. The changes impact 1 million New Yorkers. The city says that the new zones take into account new and improved data to more accurately pinpoint flood risks due to storm surge. You can find the new map at Also, emergency officials across New York State are urging people to be prepared.

- Let's just say planning is one of the best defenses during hurricane season. They suggest you establish a family meeting place and communication plan, know your evacuation route and zone, and sign up for local alerts, as well as check in on your emergency kit.

- We don't know what Mother Nature is going to wallop at us.

- We're going through a little bit of volunteer fatigue following COVID.

- Officials say they hope people will volunteer to help agencies like the American Red Cross.