York County company says AI tech can help catch street takeovers

A technology company in York County saw Channel 9′s reports on the street takeovers across our area, and the company’s CEO says they can help local police to keep our streets safe.

The sound of cars doing donuts and racing through streets is familiar to many in Charlotte, but there’s a rise in people doing stunts and taking over intersections or roadways.

Ken Mills, the CEO of EPIC iO, pointed to a video and said the stunts have become popular all over the nation.

“Here’s a good example of an intersection that has been taken over by a bunch of speed racers doing a bunch of donuts,” he said while showing a video from California.

But he says the city in that video is now using his company’s technology, which helps law enforcement detect and identify people who take part in the street stunts or break other traffic laws.

“It’s been able to be a force multiplier for our law enforcement so that they can be where they need to when they need to be there, and not necessarily try to be everywhere at once,” Mills said.


He says the technology works with street cameras that are already used in many cities, but the surveillance software can zone in on unsafe behavior like wrong-way drivers, speeding, and street racing. Then it sends the information in real-time, including license plate information, to law enforcement.

“It’s become a real deterrent for them, and there have been a number of incidents they’ve had since we implemented the system that has reduced dramatically over time,” Mills said.

The technology is being used in several cities in states like California, Florida, Georgia, Texas, and in North Carolina, according to Mills. He says he’s also been in talks with some local agencies in the Charlotte and South Carolina area interested in putting an end to stunts like this.

It can cost a couple of hundred dollars for one unit, and up to thousands of dollars for several, according to EPIC iO. No cities in the Charlotte area are currently using it, but Channel 9 has reached out to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department to ask if the department would consider using it.

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