New York COVID Positivity Rate Drops, But Vaccine Supply Issues Continue Due To Winter Weather

New numbers show New York just hit its lowest single-day COVID positivity rate since Nov. 23, but the struggle to get vaccinated continues as winter storms delay shipments of supplies; CBS2's Dave Carlin reports.

Video Transcript

- We have good news and bad news tonight relating to the pandemic. New numbers show New York just hit its lowest-single day COVID positivity rate since November 23rd. The bad news, the severe winter weather, according to a spokesperson for the mayor, has brought the vaccine effort to a, quote, "standstill" in the city. CBS 2's Dave Carlin reports.

DAVE CARLIN: This line for scheduled vaccinations stretched down East Tremont Avenue in the Bronx. Some here worried that even at a brand-new pop up site like here at Harvest Fields Community Church, with appointments, there's no guarantee the supply holds up.

- Man, I we're just hoping that they're still having the vaccine.

DAVE CARLIN: New York City and everywhere else came into the weekend running low, by some accounts here, down to fewer than 1,000 doses. A spokeswoman for Mayor Bill de Blasio tweeted about the city's entire vaccination effort coming to a standstill caused by weather-related delivery delays. Severe storms this past week slowed shipments, canceled appointments. And now, there's a backlog.

- Six million doses due to the weather. All 50 states have been impacted.

DAVE CARLIN: New York state's positivity rate is down to 3.06%, declining 43 straight days. People continue to scramble to get the shots. And the term "where to get the vaccine" is the most googled term in America in the past month. Wholesale giant Costco will soon have doses to roll out in five states, including New York. And as some people roll up sleeves, they take part in a hashtag social media campaign called #thisjabsforyou.

Dr. Steven Arsht, an orthopedic surgeon, came up with the idea as he was vaccinated with dose number one and thought about the recent loss of his brother-in-law, who died at age 58 as he battled COVID.

DAVID ARSHT: And I thought about Lewis and how much I missed him. And at that time, I thought to myself, Lewis, this jab's for you.

DAVE CARLIN: This Jab's For You now partners with health care systems, including Mount Sinai, and is gaining an international following as it creates shots of light. Dave Carlin, CBS 2 News.

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