New York’s Naked Cowboy just had a gig at Bike Week in Florida. Didn’t go well, cops say.

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Madeleine Marr
·2 min read
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Naked and Florida go together like milk and cookies.

Wait. Not exactly like milk and cookies, but you get the drift.

So we weren’t exactly surprised when we heard the so-called Naked Cowboy was in our neck of the woods. But we were a little surprised to hear the entertainer, who plays guitar in Times Square for cash tips in his underwear and boots, got arrested.

So why was the Naked Cowboy arrested in the Sunshine State?

According to Volusia County court records, the performer, whose real name is Robert Burck, was arrested in Daytona Beach on Saturday while in town for Bike Week.

According to the arrest affidavit from the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office, the Long Island resident was charged with resisting arrest without violence. Burck was also cited for “aggressive panhandling.”

The report says that Burck was seen on Main Street a little after 4 p.m., strumming his guitar while people threw money inside the instrument. When officers told him to leave the area, the cowboy refused to follow directions.

The complaint says that the musician was “only observed wearing a white in color underwear and a multi-color straw hat during the incident which caused crowds to form a circle around him.”

In video posted to his Facebook page and seen on YouTube, Burck is being led into a Daytona Beach police car as people scream in support of him. The headstock of his guitar was damaged while being knocked around a patrol car during the commotion, the report adds.


Burck was released from jail the following morning after a first-appearance hearing. His girlfriend took possession of the guitar, the report said.

In its 80th year, Bike Week runs through Sunday, attracting thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts from all over.

From the police report

“The defendant began taking photographs with multiple bystanders, while bystanders placed United States currency inside the guitar’s center sound hole in the area of Main St/S Fern Ln, which was approximately 10 feet away from the front door of a commercially zoned property at 810 Main St.,” read the report. “The defendant’s actions violate Daytona Beach City Ordinance 66-1 [panhandling].”