New York reports more than 500 coronavirus deaths in 1 day

Brendan Morrow

New York on Friday reported 562 new deaths from COVID-19, bringing the state's coronavirus death toll to nearly 3,000.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) in his daily briefing on Friday said the number of deaths from the COVID-19 coronavirus in New York has reached 2,935, an increase from 2,373 the day before. This is the highest single-day increase in deaths so far in the state, which just passed 500 total deaths last week. The number of new hospitalizations, 1,427, also reached a new high.

"Daily ICU admissions is down a little bit, but you had more deaths, you had more people coming into hospitals, than any other night," Cuomo said.

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in New York has reached 102,863. New York has reported by far the most cases of any state in the country. Cuomo noted the state has seen an increase in cases on Long Island, which "has us very concerned."

Cuomo also once again stressed New York's need for ventilators during the briefing and announced he's signing an executive order that will allow the state to take ventilators and personal protective equipment from hospitals and private sector companies that don't need them, redistributing them to hospitals that do. The National Guard will be deployed to distribute the ventilators, he said.

"I understand that even if they're not using them, they are reluctant to see them go out the door," Cuomo said. "The theory is if the government gets them, they'll never get them back. I understand that. But I don't have an option. ... I'm not going to let people die because we didn't redistribute ventilators."

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