New York will vaccinate millions in 2021

Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced he's launching a new public health corps that will bring aboard 1,000 fellows to help roll out vaccinations and pledged New York will vaccinate millions in 2021. (Jan. 11)

Video Transcript

ANDREW CUOMO: 500 pharmacies will come online next week. And we'll have hundreds of additional distributors coming on next week. On Monday they will begin accepting reservations for vaccinations. I'll discuss it in a moment. This is a very large group of people.

And it can't just be show up at the pharmacy. It's going to be much the way it was with COVID testing, go to a website, find out the location nearest you, make a reservation, and that will happen on Monday.

I'm signing an executive order that is going to make additional staff eligible to do vaccinations, so hospitals, this new network will have more people who they can hire. In addition to the thousands of distributors we're bringing online, DOH is going to set up mass distribution sites over the next several weeks. For example, we're going to use the Javits Center, which is going to open next Wednesday.

We get 300,000 doses per week. At this rate, it will take us 14 weeks to do 1a and 1b, 14 weeks. 14 weeks is an eternity of time. But it will take 14 weeks to do 1a 1b. 14 weeks, that's April 16 before we get through 1a 1b, which is just the health care workers, the public employees high risk and 75 plus.