New York Weather: 3/30 Tuesday Evening CBS2 Weather Headlines

CBS2's John Elliott has a look at the forecast.

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- In the meantime, we're talking about a good day today, beautiful day. John Elliott, a wearer of crazy socks for years.

JOHN ELLIOTT: Yeah, I'm wearing the purple matching the purple for Holy Week. Today, sock free. But tomorrow, we're really going to sock it to you, and then think wool socks to wrap up the week. I know. It's a roller coaster ride.

Let's take a trip outside. Isn't it pretty? Such a lovely day. It was a bit breezy at times, but just sublime with that great sky. 57, sunny skies.

There's that wind South 24, but that's why we were able to exceed expectations. 61, the high, 55, the normal. Nowhere near any of the records, but still very pleasant. And it's going to be a pleasant evening.

That waning worm moon shining bright before the clouds take over. You're OK for the morning commute, but take the umbrella. Because running around middle part of the day, definitely, for the ride home, you're going to need it, and then, I think, layers to wrap up the week. It is really going to be chilly, so here's the breeze.

Nice, comfortable, and still quiet. Clouds will fill in overnight, but that's about it. It's a big ridge of high pressure that we have to break down. Warm front to the South, a cold front to the West, and impulses of energy just waiting to come on in.

They'll actually combine, and that's why we're concerned about the possibility of some brief heavy rain. We stopped early tomorrow morning. Early commuters, you're OK. Temperatures won't be that bad for this time of the year, and conditions will be dry. But early in the afternoon, we start to see some showers.

Now, the very latest model run is pushing the bulk of the heavy rain East, but still, watch for bright colors on the map into the afternoon and evening hours. That's right. This is where we're going to see more coverage of the rain, and we're going to see it push through.

Behind it-- I know. you say, what? This is Thursday morning, so you're ahead of the Bronx. You're thinking we're going to go to the home opener. What is that? Yeah, that's snow. Just a little bit of snow through parts of Bergen, Rockland, Westchester, maybe some mixing in the Bronx.

It's a cold rain wrapping up in Nassau and Suffolk, and then during the course of the game, we're hoping to dry things out. But for the rest of us, remember, behind it, yeah, that cold will just cascade in. As far as potential rain, the euro is pushing the one to two East, but it's predominantly a half inch to one and a half inch event.

The Nam, obviously, restricting the snow well North and West. And again, it's more novelty than nuisance, but look at this. Thursday morning wind chills. Again, close to game time, sub freezing, and then, as we work our way into the afternoon and then for Friday morning, this is Friday morning. Good Friday, this isn't. You've got single digit wind chills, and the windchill in the city Friday morning, 21 degrees.

I know, but there's a nice recovery into Saturday. We're going to get hopping near normal, and then pretty nice for Easter Sunday, and then a nice pattern first part of next week. Just make sure that you savor tonight, because Wednesday turns wet. And then it's cold. Sorry, kids.

- Friday is my son's birthday.

- Oh.

- He's just shaking his head.

- Well--

- Get him some socks. They always love socks. Purple ones.

- Yeah.

- Thank you.

- Thank you, John.