New York Weather: 3/31 Wednesday Evening CBS2 Weather Headlines

CBS2's Lonnie Quinn has a look at the forecast.

Video Transcript

LONNIE QUINN: What you have. Meantime, what do I have? All right. The story right now is some rain that's out there. The story will become cold air. Cold winter-like air moving in with some strong winds, so wind chills will be a player as well. But right now, we deal with that picture outside. You can see the lens. There's some raindrops on it. We do have a light rain in Manhattan. 61 degrees, so it's mild enough. Where is this cold air I'm talking about? Well, I don't know if you're looking for it, but just sit tight. It's going to definitely get here.

61 right now. High temperature was at 67. I mean, 55 is the average. You're a good one dozen degrees above where you typically should be. And again, the rain is falling. A little batch of moderate rain around Huntington, a little north of West Hills. Also Smithtown, you're catching some moderately heavy rain as of right now. Bigger picture going to show you we have a cold front moving through the area. So first you get the rain, then you get the cold air.

In terms of the cold front, you may want to jump to the conclusion that hey, this is the cold front right here because you can see where those winds are converging. See that line? [MIMICING BUZZER] That'd be wrong on the weather test. That's not your cold front. Then you might think, well, this is it right here. OK, also convergence, right? That's also not the cold front. This is it. It's back here. It's around Binghamton right now. When that cold front comes to the area, you're all going to know it. Things will change pretty dramatically out there.

So here's the deal. The winds start kicking in by the time you get to tomorrow morning. Windchills will become a factor. I'll show you those. But first, let's talk about the amount of rain we pick up. It gets heavier tonight. You'll deal that through the overnight hours, and you're not done with any rain drops until it's probably the second part of tomorrow. And by the afternoon-- I would say by the afternoon you get brighter sky. OK, 3, 4 o'clock, the clouds will part. But you pick up anywhere from a half an inch to an inch of rain, maybe over an inch of rain.

And this talk about snow. I do believe there are going to be snowflakes flying around the backside because that cold air. I'm so certain of it moving in. It's going to turn whatever is wet into frozen precipitation. For folks north and west. But do not expect much of anything. Here are the numbers, right? I mean 3/10 of an inch around Sparta, maybe 7/10 around Monticello. It's that dark blue color you see right there.

What I'm looking at? The higher elevated mountain peaks could see, you know, one to two inches, maybe a little bit more. But you've got to go way up in elevation. This will definitely be elevation-driven if you're looking. If you're looking for, you know, real, measurable snow. But even that, one to two inches or so.

Let's talk windchills because this becomes the story. I feel very confident of this. You know, here we are right now. You're looking at that wind blowing out there. Our 60 degree reading feels like 58. Watch this cold air just take over. [MIMICING WIND] Swishes right through the area. Notice there's your low pressure system offshore. So Montauk still with a southerly wind. It feels like 52. This is a windchill at 6:00 AM tomorrow morning.

Monticello feels like 25. Give me a break, right? Feels like 36 in the city. And then I'm stopping it right here 1 o'clock in the afternoon. It feels like 45 in the city. I'm stopping it there Moe. First pitch, opening day Yankee Stadium. If you're going to the game, you dress appropriately. It's going to be cold out there. Colder air still come Friday morning. It feels like nine degrees in Monticello at 7:30 in the morning. Feels like 21 in the city.

Very cold Friday morning. You're 48 for Thursday, 43 on Friday. Cold weather days. Moderate weather for the weekend, about average. 56 on Saturday. 62 on Sunday. That little rain chance, that's really northern New England. It's mostly outside of our area, but close enough. I'm going to keep in a slight, a slight chance for some early morning rain drops. Chances are I'll take it off the map by tomorrow. But that's the way I see it, guys. About 62 for your Easter and looming out there 67 come next Wednesday. That's my seven.

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