New York Weather: 4/4 Easter Sunday Morning CBS2 Weather Headlines

CBS2's John Elliott has a look at the Easter Sunday forecast.

Video Transcript

ALICE GAINER: Time for a check on your forecast. Once again, John Elliott is live in Hackensack, New Jersey. A lot going on behind him, as they get ready for a drive-in church service later this morning. Good morning, John.

JOHN ELLIOTT: I got to tell you, you are reading my mind, Alice, there is a lot going on here. I mean, we're setting up as we speak. Service gets underway in the 10:00 hour. So we've still got a lot of electronics to check and go over. So we'll talk about that process and the music they're going to make.

Right now, though, let's talk about the weather they're going to enjoy and you too. So we have some clouds over here. We have clouds in the city. There's a little bit of moisture in the air. Show you the radar in a second, but it's relatively quiet.

Current reading is still chilly, but we're moving in the right direction, 48. Winds out of the east northeast at 3 miles an hour. So less wind means temperatures are basically the windchill. Going to be a milder day today.

Clouds will break for your family gathering this afternoon. And then it's a nice quiet stretch over the next few. In fact, the odds for rain have to leave it in today. It's dry Monday, Tuesday. Then late Wednesday into Thursday, chance for a few more showers. We still could use the showers, but we're definitely looking at relatively quiet conditions.

You know, I'm fascinated by this. Through Passaic County, close to me, down into parts of Hudson and Union, over to Staten Island, you could see a little bit of drizzle. That's about it. That's the line this morning.

High pressure builds in. We're going to see a great nice day this afternoon, 62. Overnight tonight, nice and quiet. And then we see an even nicer Monday. Numbers are going to be in the mid 60s.

More of the same on Tuesday. Tuesday looks good. Remember that chance of rain coming in late Wednesday and then Thursday. But notice all week long, numbers are going to be above normal.

So we've got a little bit of cloud cover this morning, maybe a shower. And then we're going to go to church.