New York Weather: CBS2 2/13 Evening Forecast at 6PM

CBS2's Vanessa Murdock has your weather forecast for February 13 at 6 p.m.

Video Transcript

- We're on storm watch yet again. There's a winter weather advisory in effect in our area. Vanessa Murdock back now with more on what we can expect this week. Vanessa.

- Well, there is this system and then a couple more we'll need to discuss. We'll get there. But first, let's look live outside. Just cloudy and dry at the moment in the city, but, oh, so cold. 29, with east winds at 10:00. Feels more like the low to mid 20s.

What can you expect moving forward? We're going to see some light precipitation tonight, but we're worried, most concerned, about freezing rain lifting through the region. So what you see here, 11 o'clock, a bit more in the way of precip across the region. Snow to the North and West.

This wintry mix through the midsection, this is when we see the freezing rain accumulating. And it only takes the most minute amount of ice on our surfaces to create treacherous roadways. And notice how this trend persists through your Sunday morning.

Finally, by mid morning we're going to start to see that wet weather exit. The second half of your Valentine's Day should be a bit more pleasant, but it will be a bit of a slick start to your Sunday.

Here's a look at the ice accumulations anticipated. Again, this is not an overwhelming amount of wet weather falling, but as far as freezing rain goes we're going to have as much as, say, just two hundredths of an inch in the city, then maybe as much as a tenth of an inch as we look East, and also South we expect some bigger numbers than you see here.

Slick roadways tonight into tomorrow. A high of 35 for your Sunday with brighter, drier conditions by afternoon. Monday, 33 degrees for President's Day. We'll start off a little messy. Tuesday, another system. More significant. 33. We're dry Wednesday. Thursday into Friday, yet another storm system we're tracking. Jessica, back to you.

- All right. Thanks, Vanessa.