New York Weather: CBS2 2/18 Evening Forecast at 6PM

CBS2's Lonnie Quinn has your weather forecast for February 18 at 6 p.m.

Video Transcript

DANA TYLER: We continue to be on storm watch tonight. A snowy day, especially so for some people in the tri-state area. Let's get right to Lonnie Quinn. What's ahead for us, Lonnie?

LONNIE QUINN: Well, and look. This is going to linger for quite a while, Dana. The next 24 hours or so. It's not going to be as strong as it was earlier. And this has never been a behemoth of a storm. It never has been. It's been pretty manageable throughout. And the reason is we're catching our snow totals. And I believe, we're going to end up with that four to eight inch range for a good chunk of the area. But it's spread out over a long period of time. And, consequently, the road crews can stay ahead of it. And we're all just fine. We're all just fine.

You don't want to be driving in it. But right now, we've got some fog and some mist out there. 27 in New York City. Visibility four miles or so. So the storm line, storm time timeline, from this point moving forward, as you get into the nighttime hours there's just a lighter precipitation that we're dealing with. And a lot of folks are catching plenty of breaks right now with no precipitation. A little bit of that wintry mix out there as well. And especially the farther south you go, you find some rain.

But Friday, your Friday morning commute is going to start with a little burst of snow for a good chunk of the area. Now, that will then transition to a sort of spotty and very light snow shower or a little mixing throughout your day on Friday, but it's not much. You're not picking up and a lot of additional snow from this point forward. So I'll show you everything.

First, we'll go to where we stand right now. And again, I think, all of these numbers will fall basically within that four to eight inch range, maybe a little bit more as you see it 9.8 right now around Colts Neck. Except a two inch reading for southern portion of Ocean County. You're going to be in the two to four inch range which is where we thought you would be because, I just don't think, you're going to pick up a lot tomorrow. Maybe a coating, a little bit more than that in some spots. Kind of ragged what we have right now.

The bulk of our storm has been offshore. So even though we have another 24 hours to go, it's a very very light snow that we deal with from this point in time. Here's the amount that we sort of pick up. Looking forward, you pick up maybe another inch in New York City, 1.2, a few tenths of an inch down around Toms River. But possibly a two to three inch range when you go north of New York City. Newark, 2.5, Monticello maybe 3.4. Additional, on top of what we've gotten.

So if you look at how things are going to happen, at how things are going to shape out by the time we get to Monday of next week. So we've got our storm right now, winds down tomorrow with on again, off again snow showers. The weekend you're dry but you're cold. And then here we are Sunday night. The clouds fill in. And another winter storm arrives on Monday. This one could very well start off as some snow for a bunch of folks, but quickly turns over to rain for a lot of people. North of New York City you're holding on to some snow but it moves out very quickly. And it's just not a big storm for us.

We talk about the weekend being cold about 34 degrees, both days, partly sunny skies. More clouds late Sunday. The next storm arrives on Monday. And then after that, temperatures start to rise. 43. 45. Almost 50 by next Thursday. All right. That is the seven day forecast, Dana. It's all yours.

DANA TYLER: OK. Kind of a repeat with those upper 40s again.

LONNIE QUINN: You're right. We go back to some warm readings out there. But overall, this has been a pretty cold February and a very snowy February. Top 10 snowiest Februaries we've ever had.