New York Weather: CBS2 2/20 Evening Forecast at 6PM

CBS2's Vanessa Murdock has your weather forecast for February 20 at 6 p.m.

Video Transcript

- More frigid temperatures tonight. Vanessa Murdock is back now with her full forecast, including another chance for snow coming up in just a couple of days. Vanessa?

VANESSA MURDOCK: Yeah, well winter is not over yet, right? So we always need to be mindful of our circumstances. I know many are tired of hearing that four letter word. But nonetheless, we do have to persist through the rest of the winter season, maybe beyond, before we can get rid of it for a little while. Live outside tonight from high out the [? Empire ?] State Building, it's cold and breezy, 32 degrees.

Winds are out of the west northwest at 16. It feels more like the 20s and the teens right now. Highs today were below the norm by not quite 10 degrees, but pretty close to that. It was 35 in Central Park. We should be closer to the mid 40s.

But don't worry, we get there this week. How does this temperature climb look? 36 for your high tomorrow. It will be bright, but breezy. So it feel more like the 20s. Monday, 40. Tuesday, 43. Wednesday, 50 degrees. So I forecast a lot of melting this week as well.

All right, as for precip chances, 20% chance of a passing snow shower, really just for a couple of more hours. Overnight, skies clear and we dry out. Tomorrow, bright and beautiful, but chilly, brisk. Monday, we look at our next storm system that looks to bring rain for many. But it will start as a little bit of snow for us before transitioning to rain, lingers into early Tuesday, Wednesday, looking good.

These are the snow showers we're talking about right now, an upper level burst of energy helping to carry these lake effect snow showers down. The most significant one right now moving through Fairfield County will cross the sound and likely hit Suffolk County. And then the rest of the activity really you see it starting to fizzle out as it loses the sunshine and the energy, it just kind of fades away.

So high pressure builds in tonight, hence the bright day tomorrow. But, of course, Monday we talked about another round rolling in. So overnight, settling skies, clear skies, temperatures drop, windchills are down into the single digits. Tomorrow, bright start and a bright end to your day as the sun sets, it will be lovely.

Now, as we get into Monday, that's when the clouds thicken. Monday morning looks to be mainly dry, possibly a few passing snow showers north in the city. It is midday Monday that the system rolls into play. It may start is a little bit of snow for most of us.

But notice how we see a quick transition to rain, stays snow north and west. And then for the remainder of the system moving through, which is very rapid, it is going to be mainly rain for more of us. But there will be some minor accumulations with this system as it wraps up and out of here. The possibility of one to three well north and west of the city.

Notice in the city, it might start off as a little bit of snow. But then we'll see that transition. So it [? trades ?] to one in the pink. That includes Bergen County, back through portions of Westchester into Fairfield and, of course, midsection of Jersey. And then snow to rain for the most part for the rest of us. That's Monday and early Tuesday.

Tomorrow, it is dry, bright, and brisk, 36 degrees. Wind chills tomorrow afternoon are in the 20s, teens for a few. Now your extended forecast here, what can you expect? For Monday, 40 degrees snow to rain. And then as we crawl through the week, 50 degrees Wednesday bright and beautiful, generally looking really fine for the next several days. Of course, we have to get through Monday into Tuesday. Jessica, back to you.

- Hey, having that as a goal is amazing, right?

VANESSA MURDOCK: We can do it.

- Like 50 degrees.


- All right, thanks Vanessa.