New York Weather: CBS2 2/20 Nightly Forecast at 11PM

CBS2's Vanessa Murdock has your weather forecast for February 20 at 11 p.m.

Video Transcript

JESSICA MOORE: Another cold night out there for sure. Vanessa Murdock is here now with your exclusive CBS 2 forecast. And the S-word coming back once again, "snow."


JESSICA MOORE: Snow yet? Apparently not.

VANESSA MURDOCK: Not yet, but the next event should be even more minor than the prior one. So we'll get there. Cold and wet, Monday into Tuesday. Tonight, tomorrow, just plain cold. Live out there right now, from high atop the Empire State Building. Actual temperature, 28 degrees. But because of the winds, the chill is down to 17 degrees.

This afternoon, a little bit more comfortable than that. 35 was the high in the city, below the norm of 43. But you know what? We're going to get back here and above this week. We have a big warm-up in on the way. Tomorrow, 36, but it will feel more like the 20s with the breeze. Monday, we're up to 40. Tuesday, 43. Wednesday, your high is 50, and the day actually looking beautiful. No wet weather anticipated.

So here's a look at those precip chances. Your Sunday will be dry but brisk. Monday, midday, into early Tuesday, the possibility of wet weather. It will start as snow for many of us, transition to rain for many of us. But for some, it will stay just snow. Wednesday into Thursday, your forecast is dry.

Out there right now, well north of the city, still a few flurries flying. Overnight, though, activity really settles. Skies clear, high pressure builds in and takes control for your Sunday. It does allow us a lot of sun tomorrow. But we do keep that brisk northwest breeze, so it won't feel so warm. But the sun should be OK, if you get a position well out of the breeze. Then you'll be good.

All right. So hour by hour, what can you expect? Overnight into the early morning hours, skies are clear. Temperatures are tumbling. Tomorrow through the day, it is mostly sunny skies for us. Lovely. Increasing clouds in the start of your Monday. Then Monday midday, wet weather makes its approach. It will start as snow for many, but east and south of the city, we're talking hugging the shoreline right now, it will start as rain.

The rest of us, though, see snow to start. As we make our way into the afternoon, that rain-snow line begins to lift to the north. And ultimately in the city, we see this system end as rain. It will be a messy mix for many, but north and west, it will stay all snow. That's where we expect one to three possible inches of accumulation in the pink. It's snow to a wintry mix to rain, so maybe a trace to 1" of the slick stuff before we see some rainfall, and then snow to rain east and south of the city. Again, not a major event, but it's going to be cold and wet out there. I think it's unpleasant Monday into early Tuesday.

Tomorrow, dry, bright, and cold. 36 degrees. Wind chills tomorrow afternoon in the 20s out there for us. Mid to-- low to mid-20s for most of us in those wind chill factor categories. All right. For Monday, 40 degrees. Wet, cold. As we make our way into Wednesday, 50 to make our way through midweek. And then by the weekend, we're seasonable again. Jess, back to you.

JESSICA MOORE: Seasonable. That's the S-word we like.

VANESSA MURDOCK: That's a better one.

JESSICA MOORE: All right, thanks--