New York Weather: CBS2 3/12 Evening Forecast at 6PM

CBS2's Lonnie Quinn has your weather forecast for March 12 at 6 p.m.

Video Transcript

KRISTINE JOHNSON: This weekend, the sun sticks around, but Lonnie has the details on what else.

LONNIE QUINN: Just a big change, KJ, you're right. Right now, you're still tapping into, you know, a mild enough air mass. It's 64 degrees, but the change is underway because the winds are now northwest about 12 miles per hour. But we just had a gust at 21. Those winds are going to get stronger as you look ahead.

Now, 68-- 68 was your high temp today, 20 degrees above the average. Not the hottest spot in our area. The hottest spot was Newark at 71, also shy of a record. But JFK, a record for you at 70. LaGuardia tied a record, 69. I got Islip, I got Bridgeport also with a record at 67 degrees.

Record warmth is not even a question for tomorrow. I mean, you're waking up to temperatures-- plenty of folks are waking up to thermometer readings below freezing. I mean, you're 34 in New York City, and that's the warmest reading anywhere? Lower 30s throughout Long Island. I'll say, you know, mid, lower 20s north and west of the area.

But now, factor in that wind. New York City, when you catch the wind-- and again, it's not all the time, but it's intermittently, that 34 could feel like 24 degrees in the city. Could feel like the teens for the east end of Long Island. Could feel like anywhere from, say, 5 to 15 degrees from Monticello to Sussex, over to Mahopac. Poughkeepsie feels like 16, a cold start. 49 ends up being the high temperature.

So it's sunny, right? It's still in place, but it's a colder day. I will say the wind is toughest in the morning. Less afternoon wind, maybe 20 or 25 mile per hour gusts, where there could be, you know, tonight into tomorrow from 8:00 PM tonight until 6:00 AM Saturday, you could have gusts at 40 or 50 miles per hour.

So there's a wind advisory for a good chunk of our area. Maybe a tree limb gets cracked and brought down, takes a power line out. But remember, that northwest wind brings in cold air. Our next chance for precipitation is Tuesday. And could we really be talking snow? Well, let's address it because, look, it's March, an average March.

A run of the mill average March gives Central Park almost four inches of snow. Just a basic March, right? Well, the big Marches over the last 10 years-- these are recent Marches-- March, 2019, we picked up 10.4." March, 2018, we picked up about a foot. March, 2015, we picked up a foot and a half of snow.

So you can get some big snow events out there. I see nothing more than a few flakes north and west for a couple of areas tonight. I mean, you'd point to them, not going to be many at all. However, Tuesday, maybe some measurable snow. That wouldn't be much, but it could be measurable. The European study is saying

Tuesday into early Wednesday could give us anywhere from, like, a tenth of an inch to half an inch or more in some spots, but a little bit. It turns to rain. Nothing's there later because by the time we get to Wednesday afternoon, it's 52 degrees. But you're at 49 for Saturday, you're 53 on Sunday. You go to bed, you spring forward with the clocks, don't forget that.

And then, again, we're at 40s and 50s as opposed to the last couple of days it's been 60s and 70s out there. But it is still officially winter. Spring won't start until that Saturday, the following Saturday, guys. Sit tight on that. It's all yours.

MAURICE DUBOIS: Got it. Thanks, Lonnie.