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New York Weather: CBS2 3/19 Evening Forecast at 6PM

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CBS2's Lonnie Quinn has your weather forecast for March 19 at 6 p.m.

Video Transcript

- The weekend, the first day of spring. Lonnie, how about that.

LONNIE QUINN: Here we go.

- Will we have a sunny one?

LONNIE QUINN: All right, well, here's the deal. You're talking the sunrise. Right now I've got the sun setting behind-- at least getting ready because the sun's going to set tonight after 7:00 PM. You love that kind of thing. Current temperature out there is 42 degrees. It is mostly sunny still. Look at this. We have some gusts, still blowing out there, around 18 miles per hour.

Now, it's not consistent, but they pop every now and then. And when you catch that wind gust, the 42 is made to feel like 35 degrees. Now, early tomorrow morning, this is how chilly it's going to be. Spring kicks off. Dana is talking about spring kicking off tomorrow at 5:37 in the morning. At 5:37 in the morning, it will be 31, an actual thermometer reading.

In fact, everyone at the 32-degree mark, or colder throughout the area. We've got lower 20s north and west. And now you factor in that occasional wind gust of about 15 miles per hour in the morning. 31, made to feel like 19. And look at this. You feel like 12 from Monticello, feeling like 13 in Poughkeepsie over to Mahopac with that wind gust, feeling like Danbury if-- Danbury feeling like 15 if you catch those winds.

And whenever I talk about windchill-- people say, oh, well, it didn't feel that bad-- if you don't get the wind at that point in time, if you don't experience the wind gust, that's not a big deal. So it's the time that you get it that really drops that feeling. Today, 42 was the high temperature. And you were nine degrees colder than you should be. Tomorrow, if 51 is the average, we're going above average.

I'm going 56. Lots of sunshine out there, spring beauty. I mean, you're 15 degrees warmer tomorrow than you were today. High pressure in control, so you have lots of sunshine out there. And we now see the jet stream starting to make a change, a big old ridge is forming. When you get a ridge like that forming, couple things.

It's going to give you primarily dry conditions, a little bit milder as well. Take a look at this. Right now we see the weekend being nice and clear, lots of sunshine out there. I don't even see clouds coming to the area until a little bit, maybe on Tuesday, Wednesday a little thicker, Thursday thicker still. And then by Thursday night into Friday morning, that's the next chance for some precipitation.

That is a beautiful long run of some nice weather out there. Look at how we see it. For the weekend, we're going to go 56 Saturday, 58 on Sunday. Gang, that's a doggone nice kickoff to spring right there. Monday, you're 59. Again, skies are remaining beautiful. Tuesday's 62, maybe an additional cloud here there. Wednesday, a few more clouds. You're 60 degrees.

Thursday, I think we're going to see quite a bit of cloud cover out there. And that chance for rain would kick in late Thursday, into Friday. But Friday, you're still 63. So I gotta tell you, I mean, you got a lot of dry days out there with some sunshine. It's not until next Thursday late that we see our next chance for rain. Dana, that's my seven-day right there. Have a very nice kickoff to spring, Dana.

- Thank you. You too, Lonnie.