New York Weather: CBS2 3/20 Evening Forecast at 6PM

CBS2's Vanessa Murdock has your weather forecast for March 20 at 6 p.m.

Video Transcript

JESSICA MOORE: And a very nice day back here at home for our first day of spring. Vanessa Murdock over in the Weather Center. Spring really showing off as it looms into town, right? I know, after the winter we've had the last couple months.

VANESSA MURDOCK: Absolutely. And I want to go back to that volcanic eruption. They were expecting that because they had seen so many earthquakes in the past weeks that they knew something was brewing there. So impressive pictures. Thank goodness, nobody's in harm's way. Let's talk about weather here. Warmest day of winter. Yeah, that's the season that we've left behind. 7 degrees in mid-March. The coldest was 14 degrees in late January. Precipitation, we picked up over 8 inches. Snowfall 28.1. But you know we could add to that for the overall total of snowfall. March could be a month for that.

But right now, we've got no snow in your immediate forecast. Big spring switch for us today. 59 degrees your high, 8 degrees above normal, wall to wall sunshine. Boy, did mother nature deliver to put a smile on your face for this start of spring. Live outside right now, clear and gorgeous, 58. Winds are out of the south-southeast at 8. As we look at the temperature trend, we went from 43 yesterday to nearly 60 today. We're going to hold pretty steady in the upper 50s and low 60s for quite some time. And the forecast looks to stay dry all the way through midweek.

An then it's a bit more soggy as we wrap the work week. As we look at what's happening out there right now, high pressure is in control. Tonight, a tranquil trill-- chill, I always-- that's a hard one for me. 40 degrees overnight. Clear skies. Very pleasant. We'll get down to the 30s in the suburbs tomorrow as high pressure continues to dominate. Again, we expect a high of 59 degrees with nothing but sunshine. As we roll into Monday, likely a few more clouds, but highs still above the norm at 58. Here's a look at that soggier stretch for the second half of your week.

Wednesday, more clouds in play, maybe some showers moving through the region, but especially as we get into Thursday. And Friday looks to be the wrap on this system. Next weekend is looking good as of now. Tomorrow's 59 degrees. Another winter for us. Winds will be on the calm side yet again. So as we look at your extended forecast, it's 59 and sunshine for the second day of spring. Monday, 58 and mostly sunny. On Tuesday, we throw in more clouds, especially close to the coast where we actually could see a little bit of drizzle as well.

62 Tuesday, but still looking fine. Wednesday, it is 60. Again, those clouds will build even more so as you make our way into a more unstable situation Thursday into Friday, but still in the low 60s. On Saturday, right now, it is looking fine. Partly sunny and 61, keeping in mind the normal high temperature right now is in the low 50s. So I'm pretty happy to deliver this forecast to you. Jessica.

JESSICA MOORE: We're living large.


JESSICA MOORE: Thanks, Vanessa.