New York Weather: CBS2 3/24 Evening Forecast at 6PM

CBS2's Lonnie Quinn has your weather forecast for March 24 at 6 p.m.

Video Transcript

DANA TYLER: Rain for us tonight, and it could-- could get heavy at times. Let's get back to Lonnie Quinn. Lonnie.

LONNIE QUINN: Yeah, we're starting to see some bouts right now of some heavy rain out there. For New York City, all right, we've got some steadier rain in the area than what we had earlier. 51 right now on the thermometer. So it's been our coolest day. We never got out of the 50s today. But if you take a look at the radar picture-- all right, so here we are in Manhattan right here, the southern tip of Manhattan, with a little bout of moderately heavy rain. We've got bouts of moderately heavy rain on either side of the island, but it's really off to the west and down to the south where we find the heaviest rain.

Take a look the rainfall totals. You go down around Trenton. They're already over an inch of rain. Central Park officially has just shy of 2/10. Keep in mind, the most we picked up all month has been 8/10 of an inch of rain. A good chunk of the area is going to double that number with this event that's out there today. About a 1/2 inch for Monticello right now. Over half an inch for Toms River. Right now, the Hamptons haven't picked up anything.

Well, with that area I showed you, down around Trenton-- all right, so we're talking Middlesex, Somerset, Hunterdon County, Mercer County, Monmouth County, Ocean County-- this area under a flood advisory. Now, the earth can handle the amount of rain that's falling out there, but let's say it's not an absorbent surface like the earth or like a river. Let's say it's-- it's a concrete or a-- an asphalt surface-- roadways are going to have some ponding, and that's why we're concerned with that flooding possibility out there.

And look at this line stretching from Sussex County all the way down southern portions of Ocean County. That's moving up to the north-northeast. Bigger picture is going to show you, here's the end of it. All right, you can see it's a-- it's a sort of an easterly component to the wind on one side. Back here, it's a southwest component. We warm up tomorrow, and that finish line, OK, the last raindrops for New York City, this is depicting it at 11:41 at night. So I'm basically saying midnight, the city's done with it. A little bit later, the farther east you go, but you get into your day tomorrow, and sun is going to be back with us.

But you're not there yet. All right, we've got to get through this night, and rain is falling out there, and from this point forward, you could pick up anywhere from an additional half an inch of rain to possibly an inch and a half of rain or more. So, again, those are the areas, all right, where we have concerns about there maybe being some ponding on the roadways and some modest flooding concerns.

70 degrees, your high temperature for your day tomorrow, partly sunny by the afternoon. Friday, maybe 80. Is it even possible for an 80-degree reading? Well, on average, our earliest 80-degree temperature is typically found the third week of April. The earliest ever in our history of recorded temperatures is March 13th, 1985. We have a shot on Friday. Take a look at the numbers. I do think we may be just shy of it, but we'll be close. So 70 for Thursday, 75 on Friday. Friday is windy, as well. All right, and that's one of the things that's going to be pushing those temperatures up, because the wind's coming in from the southwest. Saturday, 63, the better portion of the weekend. Sunday, 59, with a rain chance. Guys, that's going to do for me. Dana, it's all yours.

DANA TYLER: All right, Lonnie, thank you.