New York Weather: CBS2 4/14 Evening Forecast at 6PM

CBS2's John Elliott has your weather forecast for April 14 at 6 p.m.

Video Transcript

DANA TYLER: Rain is moving into our area tonight. John Elliott joining us right now in for Lonnie tonight. Hi John.

JOHN ELLIOTT: Hope to get the roof done.

DANA TYLER: Yeah, in time for the rain.

JOHN ELLIOTT: Yeah, that's what I was thinking.

DANA TYLER: My thoughts exactly.

JOHN ELLIOTT: I do love that story. And Dana is right, we are going to see some big changes. I hope you savor the day today because we're back to our old soggy tricks, starting tonight into your day tomorrow. Overcast right now. We've had a few showers.

We'll see more widespread coverage overnight into the middle part of your Thursday. Seventy-two, how sweet it was, well above normal. We won't see numbers like that for a while. The low was 48. A real quick model run just to show you.

Tomorrow morning, 40s will be common. Now this is not unprecedented. We're not breaking record lows, but it does speak to how cold we're going to be. It's about a 20-degree drop from this afternoon to tomorrow afternoon. Colder still on Friday.

See that wind out of the southwest. That was that benevolent breeze that brought in the nice numbers. Well, it's going to shift. It'll serve to bring in a little bit more moisture. But then, ultimately, that big shift will bring in a West Northwest wind.

So you're cooler into the weekend. Not a lot of rain overnight. So our first stop on the forecast model is tomorrow morning. Parts of the area, it's a bit of a wet commute. The models are focusing East.

The Euro is doing I think a better job of bringing the moisture back into parts of the Hudson Valley and the city. And then during the course of your day tomorrow conditions will kind of, well, deteriorate a bit-- a little bit more challenging in the afternoon. Some of the darker green. Some heavier rain. Could see some localized flooding.

I know you see it right there, out of our area. But parts of New England cold enough for snow, Thursday night. Ho-ho-ho. That's right. It may be April, but we're talking about it.

Friday afternoon, I think the Euro is a little too aggressive. We'll likely see with that shift in the wind, some drying conditions. Boy, you got a sense of that. Didn't it just wrapped up and blew one out. Now Sunday by midday, we have to leave in the chance of a round of showers.

So of your two weekend days right now, it looks like Saturday is the superior day. As far as potential total for the event, starting tonight through Friday, we're looking at a one to possibly two-inch event. So it's another soaker. Just like we had earlier in the week. Boy, everything is going to be so green.

Temperatures tomorrow afternoon, though, a lot cooler-- 72. Remember earlier today, just the low 50s. And I'll tell you what, we're even cooler on your Friday with a lingering shower chance. I think ultimately Friday's drier. Saturday looks better with some seasonal numbers.

Seasonal again on Sunday. Have to leave in that chance of a shower. Up to about a 30% chance on Monday. Then a nice bump middle part of next week.

But Dana, some big changes starting tonight. You'll feel it over the next few. Back to you.

DANA TYLER: All right, John. Thanks.