New York Weather: CBS2 4/15 Evening Forecast at 6PM

CBS2's John Elliott has your weather forecast for April 15 at 6 p.m.

Video Transcript

- John is in for Lanny tonight, and we just need to get through these showers if we're looking at mayflowers down the road, John.

JOHN ELLIOT: And a lot of them too. I mean, it's going to be something to look forward to. In fact, you can look forward to a much better weather for the weekend. It's a mixed bag, but still, it's going to look better than this.

Rain and fog right now. 49, wind out of the North Northwest 13, so the wind has made that shift. Morris, talking about the chill, we're definitely going to be able to serve that up. These are the air temperature readings right now.

You're thinking man, is this March or April? 41 in Minnesota, 48 in White Plains, 45 soggy degrees in Greenwich right now, not even 50 in the park. So compared to yesterday, 5, 10, 15, almost 20 degrees colder.

So we have some chilly air tonight and into your Friday. We updated this map from the 5 o'clock show, because we have more reporting stations out through Suffolk County about an inch plus, about an inch and 1/4 at Islip, 1.3 Bridgeport. And guess what?

You'll see potentially an additional inch. So parts of the area, this could go in the book is a 2 and 1/2 inch rainfall event. Here's the rain right now, and you can see that dark green or the brighter color indicating the heavier rain pushing into more of Fairfield County over the South North Shore, and this batch is just going to kind of hold together and push on through. Look at that from Montauk.

That is some heavy rain. By the way, I mean, it's almost really limits visibility. We've got ponding on area roadways. It's a mess. It's an area of low pressure.

And then the secondary low brings in more showers on Friday. Just a big snapshot, you think it's cold here? Cold enough for Snow in Denver.

In fact, the windchill right now in Denver is 26 degrees. So cold air is definitely on the move. What's on the move in our area? Again, the futurecast through tonight, some stray showers develop to the West.

The heaviest rain is still going to be East of the city, that's the case 9 to 11. But then watch what happens overnight into your Friday morning, cool enough for some snow in Connecticut, much of the area you start to get a bit of a break, but it's a bit of a break because we have that secondary low. So by tomorrow afternoon, you still have some scattered showers in the area.

I think wind is a little bit more prevalent and problematic on your Friday as well. So it's kind of a blustery way to wrap up the week. Saturday morning starts with clouds.

Your Saturday shapes up for the most part. Even you can't rule out the possibility of one errant shower, but for the most part, we see improving conditions. Sunday plan on a stray shower in the afternoon.

But again, that is still an improvement over the motor runs just from this morning. For your night, steadier rain East. It's a decent start to your Friday morning.

Those afternoon showers are wraparound showers, not the kind of soaking coverage that we're seeing right now. Weekend, it's that mix of sun and clouds. Right now, Saturday shaping up to be the superior day, Sunday just a stray shower, tomorrow though, remember.

So it's only going to be in the upper 40s and low 50s for afternoon highs should be a lot warmer, it will be. Saturday looks better, slight chance of showers Sunday, shower chance again to start the week on Monday, then Tuesday, terrific. That is a spring beauty with a few more showers Wednesday into Thursday. So Morris, after tonight it starts to get better and that trend continues into the weekend. Back to you.

- It will. Thank you, John.