New York Weather: CBS2 4/20 Evening Forecast at 6PM

CBS2's Lonnie Quinn has your weather forecast for April 20 at 6 p.m.

Video Transcript

DANA TYLER: Let's get to Lonnie Quinn right now, talking about the weather. Lonnie?

LONNIE QUINN: Well, the weather couldn't have been prettier here in New York City today. Take a look outside, and there's your shot. It's 74 degrees with the sunshine overhead. You got a high temperature in the park of 76. 77, the hotspot, for Toms River. 59 was the high temp in the Hamptons. And that's because that southwest wind warming up places like Toms River, because that air's traveling over land, so it heats up. But then it travels over the water before it gets out to Montauk. So that's why you only hit 59 degrees.

We are watching this front off to our west with moisture in it and cold air behind it. So when do we get the moisture? There's a little bit out there right now, but it's going to be more so tomorrow. So take a look. Could see a little bit in the morning hours, but by the afternoon and evening hours, here we are. 1:30 in the afternoon, in comes the front. A little bit of leading activity ahead of it, right? And then the front is right over the metro areas. This is showing 4:30. Remember, you give or take an hour or two on either side. But it looks like tomorrow afternoon, pushing out of here some time around 9:00 or 10:00 tomorrow night. And then it's all about that cold air that sets up.

It's going to be real cold out there, and windy as well. Now, the winds are the concern. And that's why the bulk of our area, 90% of our area, with the exception of the east end of Long Island, under a marginal. It's a 10% to 20% risk for severe thunderstorms. So sure, you could have some downpours. But it's the possibility for some 40 mile-per-hour wind gusts to be damaging, that's the problem out there. I think it would be isolated, but there's a chance tomorrow.

55, your overnight low. You're on the mild side. Some showers are out there, but again you get some showers in the morning hours as well. But it's really tomorrow afternoon into the nighttime hours, the showers become stronger, into thunderstorms, and potentially strong thunderstorms. 65 will be the high temperature of the day.

And if you take a peek across the board, here's how I see things working out. All right? You will be 65 tomorrow, and that's your stormy day. Now, after the storm's finished, the winds, they really start kicking in. So that's going to be another element of this day tomorrow. It gets windy out there. And the temperatures are dropping. Remember, this is a cold front. So it's real cold on the other side of it. 36 on the thermometer Thursday morning. With that wind still blowing out there, 36 will feel about 27 in New York City, only getting up to 52.

Friday, you're 63. Saturday, Saturday is definitely the better half of your weekend. 68, partly sunny skies. A rain chance on Sunday, at 62. That's the seven-day right there, Dana. It's all yours.

DANA TYLER: OK. Thank you, Lonnie.