New York Weather: CBS2 4/21 Evening Forecast at 6PM

CBS2's Lonnie Quinn has your weather forecast for April 21 at 6 p.m.

Video Transcript

DANA TYLER: We're going back to colder temperatures after the warmth yesterday. And then all this precipitation. And Lonnie, when I walked in here, the sun was out again.

LONNIE QUINN: You're right, kind of going back and forth. But OK, the sun's out right now, Dana. In fact, the skies are getting a little brighter and brighter. You can see some streaks of blue out there. Getting colder and colder, though. I mean, you're 48 degrees right now. Winds are northwest at 21 miles per hour. Look at this, Dana. We're 26 degrees colder. 26 degrees colder than we were yesterday at this time. 30 degrees colder in Sparta.

Now, the high temperature today, 68 degrees at 2:00 in the afternoon. Interesting. Check this out. That blue color shows you where the front was at 2:00 PM. So 68 in the city, 76 for Toms River. But on the back side of the front, 37. So in our viewing area, anywhere from 37 to 76 at the exact moment in time. Big range in temperatures.

Well, everyone's going to get colder, because now the front is offshore. Cold air fills in for the entire area. Couple of lingering little showers now out around the east end of Long Island, the Twin Forks catching a few drops. It's not much of anything. Look at this. Some upper-level snowflakes are flying around out there. You could see a few in our northern suburbs. It's not going to be a big story.

The bigger story will be the damage that took place as that line came through. A lot of hail reported. The little icons here, with the tree, is either a tree or a branch that was, you know, pushed over or torn off. Even a funnel cloud was reported in Dutchess County. Now, it didn't touch the surface, so officially that does not get classified as a tornado. But we had a ton of funnel cloud. Just shows you how volatile the line was and all the activity out there.

So what about rain totals? This is going to have you scratching your head. I mean, look, I was driving through this and rain was coming down so fast and furious out there. The windshield wipers not doing a thing, at least not enough to keep up with it. But yet the numbers are not big. Only 1/10 of an inch in Central Park. About 1/3 of an inch for Bridgeport up to Poughkeepsie. Why is that? Because that line moved from Warren County to the east end of Long Island in three hours. It was moving, man. This thing was 60 miles per hour. So as fast as that line went through the area, it rained heavily, sure. But it just didn't last long enough to accumulate.

So what's next for us? The winds, which are out there right now, are going to do nothing but get stronger. It's going to be a very cold Thursday. Friday looks better, but the winds, look at this. I mean, by the time you get to tomorrow afternoon, they're windy in the morning-- excuse me. But by the afternoon, they're the strongest that we've had throughout this event. There'll be anywhere from 35 to 45 mile-per-hour gusts at 3:00 PM on Thursday.

So my numbers look like this. For tomorrow, a cold morning. Plenty of you are below the freezing mark. 52 is the best we're going to do. It feels like the 40s with the wind. And then Friday, you're back to normal. About 64 degrees with a nice sky. Saturday, 68, that's the better weekend day. Late Saturday into Sunday, there is a bit of a rain chance. High temperature 62. Then we're 60 for Monday, 69 Tuesday, and 72 by next Wednesday. Dana, that's the seven-day. All yours.

DANA TYLER: Thank you. We'll take it.