New York Weather: CBS2 4/6 Evening Forecast at 6PM

CBS2's Lonnie Quinn has your weather forecast for April 6 at 6 p.m.

Video Transcript

DANA TYLER: Really and truly a picture-perfect day. 60s, Lonnie. Some places hit 70 degrees.

LONNIE QUINN: Actually--


LONNIE QUINN: --right here in New York City. Yeah, we hit 70 on the nose, Dana.

If you look outside, as of right now, it's 69 degrees with that sunny sky overhead but high temperatures. You know, you're right. A lot of the area hovering around 70 degrees. It was 70 on the nose right there on the schnoz for Central Park. 71, Bridgewater. You were the hot spot anywhere in the area. Monticello at 63, you were the chilliest reading. The Hamptons, 65. Everyone really nice readings out there with beautiful sunshine.

Now I will say this much. It has been an incredibly dry atmosphere that we're dealing with. We talked about this yesterday. I mean, New York City right now has 14% relative humidity. That's about as dry as we're ever going to get. It's 9% in Brick and Edison. Little bit higher the farther east you go.

But to put this into something that maybe is a little bit easier to understand-- can we get-- hey, look, I put these percentages up there. You say, well, what does that really mean? 14% relative humidity in New York City. That's desert like, all right? That's the type of humidity you get, well, out around the Mojave. Mojave right now has 14%. We have 14%. Yuma, Arizona, has 7% relative humidity. Albuquerque, 5%. Here you go. It's 5% relative humidity in Death Valley, and here we are at 14%. We had some single digits out there as well. We have some of the driest air in the country right now.

But look at this. A little bit of moisture up to our north, off to the west of Buffalo. We're going to watch that. Maybe a couple of drops in the morning, and that's all part of my little list here of things you should be expecting, possibly a stray morning shower. So it's not going to be as dry an air mass, but it is a good-looking afternoon.

Cooler temperatures arrive for the weekend, at least portions of the weekend. You may not even get out of the 50s for some spots out there.

Sunday looks to be a little bit on the dreary side. I think there's a better chance for some wet weather, cloudier skies, and just kind of that way throughout the day. For tonight though, overnight low is 48 degrees. A few more clouds float into the area. The suburbs, you could be dropping down into the 30s. Then we get into your day tomorrow, and there could be-- could be a slight chance for a couple of drops in the morning. Then the afternoon, that's where the better portion of your day. It's not the morning hours. More cloud cover, brighter skies in the afternoon, 67 degrees.

So take a look at what we see right now on our computer models and how we think some of that rain I showed you, OK-- well, actually it was right here we were watching up to the north and west around Buffalo-- well, north and west of Buffalo. Let's watch how this could possibly affect our area, and there is a chance for tomorrow morning a little passing shower. That's 11:30. That's very light, light, light rain. And then, boom, it's gone very quickly. Your day on Thursday is OK. Friday is OK.

Saturday, a little bit of a rain chance. Better chance for some rain coming into the area on Sunday. That's 10:30 in the morning. Most of that's very light. Could be a couple of spots that see a little bit of moderately heavier rain.

Across the board, we're 67 for Wednesday. It's a good-looking day. Again, I think more clouds in the morning than you'll have in the afternoon, but the afternoon is the best portion of your day.

65 on Thursday. 60 on Friday. Slight chance on Friday, maybe about a 20% chance on Friday for some wet weather. 25% chance on Saturday, also 60 degrees. 58 on Sunday, and that's about a 40% chance with some models suggesting as high as a 60% chance. Doesn't mean it's heavy rain, just sort of like I said, kind of dreary out there.

Dana, that is my seven-day forecast. It's all yours.

DANA TYLER: Thank you.