New York Weather: CBS2 4/9 Evening Forecast at 6PM

CBS2's John Marshall has your weather forecast for April 9 at 6 p.m.

Video Transcript

JOHN MARSHALL: How are you doing? You know what, today was a changeable day. And Dana, you are absolutely right. The hands were up on the roller coaster, and right now, we're talking about skies that have clouded over. We had a spot shower work through about a half-hour ago, some limited sun. And now we're back to clouds. You can take a look at the Hudson River right here. Not a lot of activity.

But temperatures right now are cooling off. We're 51 degrees in town, mostly cloudy skies. winds are light. Folks, we've got to back it up. It was an incredible week. I hope you got outdoors and enjoyed some of the sunshine. And look at these temperatures. From Monday through yesterday, within a few degrees of 70 with abundant sunshine. Big difference today, the clouds rolled in and the water, Atlantic waters are still in the lower to mid-40s, so you get wind off the water, it kept us in the upper 50s.

But away from town, today's high temperatures were approaching 70 up the Mid-Hudson Valley, away from the colder Atlantic and more sunshine. Near the colder Atlantic, we were only in the 50s, and the average high temperature is 59 degrees. Now, scattered showers, they're working through Putnam County, northern Westchester, Fairfield, and into western Suffolk, eastern Nassau. Again, it's weakening. It's not a big deal tonight.

Much of the overnight hours will be dry, as you can see on the radar. You don't need me, you can look at the green and show you it's scattered in nature. But not one, but two areas of low pressure, we are watching back to the west. They're really not going to get their acts together. This is one weak impulse through tomorrow morning with some scattered showers. But Sunday morning is the real McCoy, where we're going to get some heavy rain.

Look at these satellite and radar timestamp for the Futurecast tomorrow morning. Spotty showers. Now, the question tomorrow afternoon, do we break out into some sunshine? Which you see the topography here, the white is the clouds. If we do, temperatures will pop into the mid-60s. But then bang. Sunday morning, the next wave we showed you down in the Deep South, works through with moderate to heavy rain. An arc of it, located off the coast to portions of the New York City vicinity and north and west of town, and then it moves off.

So not all Sunday will be wet. Looking at that sunshine down there in Central Jersey, we'll watch that for you. But more scattered showers working Sunday night into Monday. Unsettled, the adjective to use for the next couple of days around here. But overnight tonight, again, scattered, spotty showers. Much of the time will be dry. Temperatures in the upper 40s. Precipitation chances, 20% tomorrow morning. Then we go whoop, right up to 70.

30 for your Monday. And the weekend forecast, the better half will be your Saturday. Again, Sunday morning will be wet and maybe drier by the afternoon. And here's your seven-day forecast on CBS 2. Mild, though, this weekend. Scattered morning showers few and far between, maybe some sun. 63, 65. Morning rain on your Sunday. Monday, we clear things out, and the rest of the week, midweek looks pretty good, Dana, for that roller coaster ride. Back to you.

DANA TYLER: It does. What a roller coaster. John, thanks.