New York Weather: CBS2 5/20 Evening Forecast at 6PM

CBS2's Lonnie Quinn has your weather forecast for May 20 at 6 p.m.

Video Transcript

DANA TYLER: We're sort of in the middle of some real heat before this week goes out. Lonnie Quinn, let's check right with you.

LONNIE QUINN: You betcha, Dana. I mean, yesterday, a real hot day. Today, not as hot, but a nice one out there.

There's your picture. Currently coming in at 69 degrees with a partly to mostly sunny sky overhead. 69 in the city. About 10 degrees cooler you go towards the ocean. Hamptons at 58. About 10 degrees warmer you go inland. 78 Sparta, 79 for Poughkeepsie.

You're in that same sort of situation for your day tomorrow. You're maxed out at 76 degrees today, 4 degrees above the average. Maxing out at 77 tomorrow. But like I said, the exact same setup. 80s inland, 60s at the coast.

Rain chances, they were low today, 10% or less. They're going to be 10% or less tomorrow for Friday. 30% chance on Saturday. Sunday a 15% chance.

But it is a hot one on Sunday. Look at the numbers right here. We talked about tomorrow at 77. You're 84 on Saturday. There's a 30% chance for a shower, even a storm to be mixed in there.

So again, Saturday, not running warmer than we initially saw before, but we have bumped that rain chance up. And it's not a washout, guys. Only a 30% chance. A 15% chance on Sunday. So it's a slight risk for Sunday.

But I am putting my first 90 on the board for New York City. Even hotter as you get inland. 74 Monday. A bit cooler behind the front, with a decent looking sky. Monday now is trending drier than I saw before.

78 Tuesday. You are 86 on Wednesday. The heat does come back. It comes back with another rain or shower or storm chance by the time you get to Wednesday. Dana, it's all yours.

DANA TYLER: All right. Thank you, Lonnie.