New York Weather: CBS2 5 p.m. Forecast

CBS2's Vanessa Murdock says a warmup is on the way.

Video Transcript

- Feels like summer when you crack open a can, doesn't it? Not feeling like summer, though, today.

- No. No.

- It's still too chilly. It's chilly.

- Good little-- did you see that transition? That was really--

VANESSA MURDOCK: Yeah, that was impressive. I do want to say, though, you think like me. I'm like, can it be recycled?

- Can it be recycled.

- Oh, totally. No, I agree.

VANESSA MURDOCK: And if not, then I'm not into it.

- There you go.

VANESSA MURDOCK: But I am because it can be recycled.

- Yep.

VANESSA MURDOCK: All right, so let's talk about the weather. It didn't feel like summer, but it was a drastic improvement, my goodness, over the weekend weather. As we look live outside right now, it's challenging to find a cloud. Mostly clear. 69 degrees. We have north winds at nine.

Highs today across the region, well, they were below seasonable. We should have hit 75. It was 69 in the city. Note Toms River bumped it up to 82, the only spot where we hit above-normal temps. Out on the island, 62 for the Hamptons. 67 in Poughkeepsie.

The weekend, we had record-setting cold high temperatures in the low 50s. Today, 69. We could see another degree before we wrap it up. Tuesday, Wednesday, we continue to climb. This weekend we'll be in the low and mid 80s.

As far as rain chances go, we're looking at dry conditions for the remainder of your Memorial Day. Tomorrow, about a 10% chance of a stray shower. Wednesday, 30% chance. Then Thursday/Friday looks to be unsettled. So Wednesday begins the unsettled stretch of the workweek.

Now we're getting there. In the rainfall department, the deficit now is under two inches, and we did pick up about 2 and 1/2 inches of rain through the weekend in the park. Other locales picked up over three inches. We got a lot of rain. There's still a deficit, but drought concerns have truly dropped off.

So things are looking good out there right now. Your trees, your shrubs should all be in good shape. Those very beautiful flowers too.

Overhead at the moment, we're looking gorgeous with sunshine. Low pressure that plagued us through the weekend has made its exit. High pressure has built in, and that will remain the case somewhat tonight into tomorrow. Then we become a little bit unsettled as low pressure approaches from the west.

Here's the deal. Overnight we're going to call for partly cloudy skies, especially as we make our way into the morning. Your Tuesday, a mix of sun and clouds. Not bright, beautiful blue skies all day long. Slim chance of a stray shower.

Then as we make our way into Wednesday, we are looking at increasing clouds Wednesday, increasing opportunity for showers as we roll into the afternoon. Then Wednesday night into Thursday is when low pressure sets up very close to us, and this will allow for more persistent rainfall through the day on Thursday with lingering impacts on Friday.

Overnight, we stay dry. Temperatures fall. 50s in the city. 40s outside on the island. Upper 40s to low 50s for the most part.

Now tomorrow if you're heading back to work, unfortunately the weather's looking real good. Mix of sun and clouds. We'll be in the low to mid 70s on the island. Same story north of the city through the Lower Hudson. As we make our way into the Garden State, notice the numbers start to push the 80-degree mark. We do have the possibility of hitting 80 for some tomorrow. Then on Wednesday, another beautifully warm day, but keep in mind there's a chance for showers Wednesday.

All right, now Thursday looking soggy at 77. Friday, 80. Lingering chance. Steamy into the weekend. We're going to have humidity levels beginning to climb to more summer-like feels. Mid 80s for your weekend. Some rumbles of thunder possible Saturday but not a washout. Sunday looking amazing. We might have some inland highs around 90.

And then Monday, I definitely suspect 90 degree warm for some of us as in the 80-- rather, in the city we're forecasting 88 degrees. Jessica and Dick, back to you.

- All right, thanks very much.

- Big change.

- Yeah.