New York Weather: CBS2 6/2 Evening Forecast at 6PM

CBS2's Lonnie Quinn has your weather forecast for June 2 at 6 p.m.

Video Transcript

- Let's talk about that weather. Here's what we've got for you. Right now, the picture is kind of cloudy out there, but I said earlier, there's-- we're calling them slivers of blue for some folks out there. It's not a terrible looking sky. We've had quite a bit of cloud cover today.

We knew that was going to be the case. 69 degrees, right now. High temperature was 75, right about exactly where you should be this time of the year, which the average is 76. Everybody in the 70s today, except for the Hamptons. You maxed out at 68 degrees, so you're my cool spot on the map.

Let's get right to it, all right? For tonight, 62 degrees. That's the overnight low temperature, but let's talk precipitation. I think you're going to get a break out there. But the closer you get to dawn, that's where some showers start to kick in, and they could ramp up.

During the morning commute, you could have some bouts of heavy rain out there. Then there will be some breaks during the day. The rain chance is still with us in the afternoon, but some breaks, where it's not raining all the time. Certainly cloudy out there, but some breaks in the wet weather.

Then the wet weather kicks in, again, and it ramps itself up. In fact, there's a late day risk for severe weather tomorrow. Now, what are we talking about for this risk of severe weather? Well, we're talking about damage being possible. Primarily the high winds out there, which could down a tree, maybe take some power lines out in the area.

It's more of a risk than what we had last week, and I always like to put things into relative terms. Because for so many of you, especially in Central and Western New Jersey, you had those strong storms that came through. That was a 20% chance for severe weather. Tomorrow, it's a 30% risk, so it's up there, right?

Rainfall could be heavy, as well, up to two inches for some of you. Other folks, if you missed the heavy bouts of rain, would have much lower numbers. But here's what we see currently. Basically, light rain, one little bout of moderately heavy rain in Sullivan County.

Bigger picture shows you draw a big, red line there, all right? On one side of it, this is your air mass for tomorrow and for Friday. It's unsettled with that rain chance and some storms mixed in as well. That's going to push through by the time you get to the weekend, and then beyond, this hot, and sunny, and dry weather fills in.

And we're talking, like Redding, California, today, is going to be about 105 degrees. We're not going to go 105, but I do think we could see a string of 90s. Here's how we see it on the Futurecast.

You have some rain by tomorrow morning at 7:00 AM. It's a little less in the afternoon, but it pops in heavy, again, tomorrow night. That's 5:00 PM. Friday, still a chance for some rain to kick in. Also, a chance for it to be heavy, and then it moves out. And Saturday looks great.

So let's get right to that extended forecast, so you can see the numbers I'm teasing down the road. 74, tomorrow, with a rain chance. 80 on Friday with a rain chance. 85, Saturday. Well, we're bumping them up now.

89, Sunday. You're 90, Monday. You're 90, Tuesday. You're 90, Wednesday. That could be our first heat wave that is brewing. It's not a definite yet, 90s borderline, but it's going to be hot out there. Guys, it's all yours.

- OK, Lonnie, thank you.