New York Weather: CBS2 6:30 p.m. Forecast

CBS2's Vanessa Murdock has a look at your forecast to begin the new work week.

Video Transcript

- Only way to get mayflowers is spring showers. Vanessa Murdoch joins us now, and I was just telling you earlier, my son and I got caught out in a downpour. It came and went just like that.

VANESSA MURDOCH: Right. thank goodness, right? Because then we got to enjoy a much drier afternoon. And as soon as that sun popped, temperatures skyrocketed into the low 80s for some, mid 80s for others. Out there, right now, we're still holding on steady as we look live into the harbor in the low 80s in the city.

It's 81, partly sunny. Winds are out of the southwest at nine around the region. We're still in the low and mid 80s for much of Jersey, but notice cooler Babylon at 71. We're at 67 in Monticello, 66 in Poughkeepsie. The clouds and the rain, much closer for areas well to the north right now.

But man, what a Spring swing we just endured. Yesterday morning, the windchill was 35 degrees. I call that refreshing. This afternoon, 82. A difference of 47 degrees, and over the next few days, we're just going to kind of bounce back and forth between the 70s and the 80s. And it's going to be unsettled as well, so here's a look at that temperature trend.

Yesterday, after windchill in the 30s, we did hit 65, close to seasonable, which is 67. Today, 82. Tomorrow, 73. Mostly cloudy, some showers very likely. Tuesday, a high of 80, and that is another warm day.

Every single day through the midweek has an opportunity for wet weather. As we look through the overnight hours, about a 10% chance for some of the rain well to the north to sag into Sullivan, Ulster, and Duchess Counties. Tomorrow, 60% chance of showers, maybe some storms. Best bet later in the day, and especially overnight Monday into early Tuesday.

Tuesday afternoon with the high heat and elevated humidity. A 40% chance that some storms will pop, but Wednesday ultimately looks like the most soggy daylight with a 60% chance of rain. Thursday, it looks stunning. Out there, right now, overhead, partly sunny skies with rain training to our north.

It's all associated with an area of low pressure and its associated front that's been stalled out here. Over the next couple of days, two low pressure systems impact the forecast. Here's how it looks hour by hour. Tonight, we stay dry. Clouds do thicken though.

Mostly cloudy Monday, and a chance for some showers and even thunderstorms as we move through the afternoon. Better bet, though, overnight Monday into Tuesday with some real boomers possible, especially wee hours of the morning Tuesday. Much of Tuesday generally looks good, but again, high heat and elevated humidity may very well spark some showers and storms.

Wednesday looks to be maybe the dreariest day of all. Tomorrow, it's 73 degrees. A dry morning, PM showers and storms, especially as we approach sunset tomorrow. As we look at your extended forecast, it's 80 on Tuesday. Much of us, I think, stay dry.

Wednesday, it is 70 with showers likely through much of the day as it looks right now. Beautiful, Thursday. 68, mostly sunny. Friday, we have a system of the coast that might leave us a little dreary looking, 62. Your weekend, as of now, looking stunning. Mother's Day may be perfectly seasonable with dry, sun filled conditions.

- Good timing there, Murdoch.

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- All right, thank you.