New York Weather: CBS2's 2/20 Saturday Morning Update

John Elliott has the Tri-State Area's latest forecast on CBS2 News This Morning.

Video Transcript

JOHN ELLIOTT: It's cold. Cindy talking about the possibility of icing. Brighter skies, but you're definitely dealing with very cold temperatures. In the city, it looks pretty, but yeah, you're still feeling it.

28 right now. Winds are calm, so that means the wind chill is right around 28 as well. It's going to be icy this morning. And then you've got a relatively decent weekend. Next system comes in on Monday, and that's that possibility of some mixing as well.

Now, as far as snow, could see a little. But as far as snow goes, enough already. We're in the eighth spot for February. 38.2 for the season.

Last year, you remember? Only not even 5 inches well above the seasonal average as well. Here you go. I wanted to show you what's coming down right now.

We've got some flurries out east of the city. We've got relatively quiet conditions this afternoon and tonight. It's just going to be gusty and cold. Tomorrow, a little bit better, bright, brisk, but you're still dealing with uncomfortable wind chills to start the day.

And then here we go, wouldn't you know? Monday is going to be a bit of a challenge. Now, with slightly warmer air pushing in, it is going to be a rain event for parts of New Jersey, South Shore.

But just north and west, there's a possibility that we could see some mixing with maybe an inch or two well north and west on Monday. And then Tuesday into Wednesday, we're going to actually see a nice warm up, which is some good news.

So the Montclair Art Museum on Friday, Saturday, Sunday is open, one of the few. I mean, it has been such a struggle. Welcoming in Ira Wagner, boom, who's the interim director. First off, let's talk about the COVID protocol if I want to pay a visit to the museum.

IRA WAGNER: Sure. Well, the thing to do is to go on our website, and you can book a time ticket for entry. We only let in 12 people every 15 minutes. And as you've said, the galleries are spacious, and it's a very comfortable place to come and--

JOHN ELLIOTT: And it's a one-way flow, which is perfect.

IRA WAGNER: Right. We have a building that allows for a one-way flow so you can take your time, walk through the galleries, and, again, maintain social distancing to stay safe.

JOHN ELLIOTT: But let's talk about how you dealt with the crisis. You went virtual to great success, right?

IRA WAGNER: We think so. It was very challenging year, needless to say. But we have a great staff, an enthusiastic staff. And we pretty quickly created a whole range of virtual activities that people could engage with from their homes.

JOHN ELLIOTT: You know, it was interesting 'cause you and I were talking about, you know, the numbers. And it has been-- some reports say 30% of museums likely will not survive the COVID crisis. But even last weekend, you had pretty good numbers, right?

IRA WAGNER: We really did. We have a new exhibition that has opened up, Maggie Meiners, which reinterprets the work of Norman Rockwell. And we had over 400 visitors last weekend.

JOHN ELLIOTT: That's great.

IRA WAGNER: It's fantastic.

JOHN ELLIOTT: That is great.

IRA WAGNER: We were thrilled to welcome them.

JOHN ELLIOTT: Great. Now and, of course, we got everybody up early. It opens at 10:00. Again, go online. Everything is spaced. And it's just so easy to walk your way through and enjoy this. Coming up in our next half hour, we're going to take a look at that Rockwell exhibit, but we're going to spend some more time. Thank you so much for getting up early.

IRA WAGNER: Thank you for coming out and visiting us--


IRA WAGNER: --I hope everyone will come.

JOHN ELLIOTT: And we'll be back with that and more. I can't say the forecast is a work of art, but we'll have that for you as well, Cindy. Right now, right back to you.

CINDY HSU: John, thanks. Thank you for the tour. I haven't been in a museum for a long time. So we're going to check back with you. It's nice.

JOHN ELLIOTT: It's nice, isn't it?

CINDY HSU: It's very nice.