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New York Weather: CBS2's 2/21 Sunday Morning Update

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John Elliott has the Tri-State Area's latest forecast on CBS2 News This Morning.

Video Transcript

CINDY HSU: John Elliott. Good morning, John.

JOHN ELLIOTT: Good morning, Cindy. Hi, everybody. So a cold but quiet day today before we see kind of a messy Monday take over the area tomorrow. Some snow north and west, could see a couple of inches. But for the city, parts of the Jersey Shore and Long Island, likely more of a rain event.

We'll show you the mechanics behind that in a second. In the city right now, it's pretty, but it is cold. Boy, the numbers are just not moving that much. Still the observation out of the park, 24. Feels like 14.

A lot of single-digit wind chills though for parts of the area. I saw Spring Lake, the wind chill's 9. Feels like 10 in Brick. So you head up to Westport, Greenwich, you're right around 11. Boy, parts of Sullivan, Ulster, Duchess, Putnam, you got single-digit readings, even through parts of Sussex as well.

National wind chills-- I just want to show you-- they're so much better for parts of Texas. A big part of that story is the cold there. They're going to see a big break.

Now when you compare the numbers day-to-day, that warm air is finally on the move for more of the Gulf. And look at this-- this is a day-to-day comparison. Numbers are up by 15 to 25 degrees for a good part of the central states.

We're actually dipping a bit, but, obviously, we'll tip in-- we'll tap into that warm up over the next few days. Bright and brisk today. Tomorrow's the messy day. Weak area of low pressure pushes in, snow north and west, mixing for the city and points south before it goes to all rain.

And then we wrap it up Tuesday. Tuesday looks better with just a few leftover flakes. Again, zero in on where you're headed or where your home and heart is because you're going to see, you know, in the city right on that line, it's likely going to be rain for a good part of Monmouth ocean and then out through the island. But with elevation north and west, you could see an inch or two for your Monday.

And then seven-day details. Wednesday looks great-- I think that's the pick of the week-- before we see another weak little system Thursday into Friday with a cool 38 to wrap up the week on Friday. Thursday, by the way, is national Inconvenience Yourself Day.

I know, I'll let that settle in. Now this is a day designed to encourage us all to take a look at how our actions impact others. I thought I'd, again, spend a little time over at Montclair State University and ask Dr-- well, psychologist Ken Sumner, why it's more important to do that practice now.

KEN SUMNER: It's important to-- for all of us to accept a little bit of inconvenience in our lives. We're living in a complicated time that we've never experienced before. Wearing masks, social distancing-- these things are not natural for us. And they are little inconveniences. But for the greater good, for us to be able to get rid of this terrible pandemic faster and quicker, we have to engage in those sorts of things.

JOHN ELLIOTT: So a little inconvenience is a matter of life and death.

KEN SUMNER: It goes a long way; it really does. It's something that some people may have more of an inclination to do. But a lot of people don't have that experience, and they need to be sensitive to the other people around them and think about those other people around them and model good practices. That's what it's all about. It's the shared sacrifice that really can help us out.

JOHN ELLIOTT: Yeah. It's this collective inconvenience that we're all going through. We'll reap such a great reward. So that's Thursday, national Inconvenience Yourself Day, which we're all pretty much celebrating every day. Cindy, back to you.

CINDY HSU: All right. Just because you're talking about all these different days, did I hear you say earlier it's Grumpy Old Man Day?

JOHN ELLIOTT: No, no. No, no, no. It's national Gray-haired Grumpy Old Man Day.


JOHN ELLIOTT: So I only-- I only hit, like three, two of the three. I'm not-- I'm not that gray yet.

CINDY HSU: [LAUGHS] And you're not grumpy. John, thank you.