New York Weather: CBS2's 2/22 Monday Evening Update

Lonnie Quinn has the Tri-State Area's latest forecast on CBS2 News At 5.

Video Transcript

- Now to the weather. Lonnie is here and we're going to get through this mess one way or the other.

LONNIE QUINN: What do we have a choice?

- One way or the other.

LONNIE QUINN: One way or the other we will get from point A to point B. Le me show you what we're dealing with right now because look, that's not a pretty looking picture out there. Low cloud cover, but the system itself has really moved east of New York City, and it's going to continue to push to the east.

We are 38 degrees as of right now. High temperature one degree warmer, you got up to 39 at 11:18 this morning. 5:47 this morning you were at your low temperature of 32 degrees. We did officially pick up some snow in Central Park. The official National Weather Service reading, which is taken at Belvedere Castle in the park 4/10 of an inch of snow.

But you tacked it on to our running total. We are now at 38.6 inches. Personally, and this is just a personal thing, I always consider big winters to be 40 inches or more. Those are pretty blockbuster winters for us. 38.6, we're an inch and a half away from that.

An average winter gives us 25.8, over a foot above that already. Last winter, our entire total was 4.8 inches for the whole winter last year, right? Well, let's talk about that, these paltry winters that we get, you know, ever so often. I mean, I'm talking the five inches or less for the entire winter.

It has happened five times in recorded history and each time now, each time-- we were wondering how this winter was going to play out. But each time, we've had one of those paltry winters that has been followed by a big winter, and we're in the middle of one as of right now. Your SkyCast are showing us still some snowflakes flying around northern portions of Litchfield County above 84 in Danbury, Connecticut.

And a little bit still lingering in Dutchess County. Then you've got rain anywhere basically from the Nassau-Suffolk County border all the way out to the Twin Forks. Also, you get to about to say Norwalk, Connecticut. Get some light rain falling there all along the Connecticut shoreline.

Here's your big picture. I want to talk to you about dynamics and what's going on. We will have that heavy rain for about the next half hour for the Twin Forks. Your last raindrops will be sometime between 8 and 9 o'clock tonight, and then we look forward to tomorrow. What does tomorrow hold?

Well, we get rid of one cold front. This cold front, we are done with it, right? As that exits the area, we then look at hey, is there really nothing brewing out there? We're going to be fine and dandy for your Tuesday? The answer there is no.

And I know this does not look like much of anything. And it certainly is not a bona fide cold front. But there's a little weak trough, meaning it's got a little bit of energy associated with it, and it does give us a little chance for a raindrop or a snow shower tomorrow. Wouldn't be much of anything, I'll show you how that's all going to work out.

So we get rid of one system, here we go. Clouds are still with us tomorrow, that's 7 o'clock in the morning. So it's not that bright, sunny day you're waking up to. And then as you go through the day, that trough starts to nudge its way in around 11 o'clock in the morning.

Has not really made an impact. It's not going to make an impact. This is not going to be much of anything. But just notice, especially north of the city, you could have some spotty little places that have some snow showers out there. And then you have clearer sky by Tuesday. So how much snow do you pick up? The European is saying, you know, couple of tenths here or there.

It's all north of the city. If I put together a map, I'd say a trace to maybe an inch anywhere from New York City or north. For your day tomorrow, 43 degrees, mostly cloudy. There's that little raindrop or snowflake out there. Then the seven-day forecast shows you Wednesday, stop the presses.

50 degrees on Wednesday. You're 46 on Thursday, 39 Friday. Then we get to the upcoming weekend. You're 44 Saturday, 50 on Sunday, by Monday of next week, 48. So you've got-- in that seven-day forecast, you've got about three days where you're right around the 50 degree mark. So there is a warming trend that we're going to get to. It's not here yet, but it will be.

- Round two melting.

- Flowers are going to start blooming.

LONNIE QUINN: There you go. Reese, you always see that glass half full.

- All that.

- Thank you, Lonnie.